StorNext File System

Increase productivity and reduce time to critical business insights with StorNext® File System. StorNext architecture delivers the necessary performance to get your business moving forward.

StorNext Sets New Performance Records

Maximum Productivity and Efficiency for Your End-to-End Workflows

With the demand for rich media content constantly growing, content producers need to work on fast-moving data as a team to unlock productivity and efficiency across their workflows.

StorNext is the leading collaborative, high-speed shared storage file system that increases workflow efficiency, enables collaboration across remote teams, and helps you organize, manage, and protect your valuable digital content.

StorNext easily scales performance and capacity for fast-paced television, film, and corporate marketing post-production workflows. It seamlessly integrates high-performance storage with archiving and retrieval on tape, object storage, or cloud in a single end-to-end, connected platform so you can meet the demand for more content, more efficiently.


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A Software Platform Ideally Suited for Video and Digital Imagery

Quantum StorNext® is a shared-storage software platform – a high speed file system that can span different types of storage in a single namespace with integrated data lifecycle management – that is ideally suited for large video files, digital imagery, and other forms of unstructured data. StorNext is used by large broadcasters, studios, and post-production houses for their collaborative video workflows, it is used by government agencies around the world to study the planet, and used by scientific research organizations to store, protect, and archive research data.

StorNext enables these companies to accelerate their workflows, dramatically shorten the time needed to produce results, and address the gap between data growth and budgets by managing data across the entire lifecycle.

Broadest Range of Connectivity Options

A World of Deployment and Connectivity Choice

As a shared storage file system equally at home on Quantum StorNext appliances, virtualized machine environments, and the cloud, StorNext lets you choose your ideal deployment architecture, connectivity, and storage type for your ideal mix of performance, capacity and cost. Break through storage bottlenecks as your workflow evolves by seamlessly scaling or upgrading storage, and easily integrate your choice of archive solutions such as tape, private or public cloud.

StorNext Shared Storage Appliances

H4000 Series

Converged Shared Storage Environment

H4000 Series

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Converged Shared Storage Environment

H4000 Essential

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H2000 Series

Converged SSD and HDD Scale-Out Storage

H2000 Series

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NVMe Storage to Break Workflow Bottlenecks

NVMe Storage to Break Workflow Bottlenecks


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QXS™ Series

General Use Scale-Out SSD and HDD Storage

QXS™ Series

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Xcellis Appliances

Specialized StorNext Appliances


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Industry-Leading Features

StorNext clients running MacOS, Linux, or Windows may connect to a StorNext File Storage system in a variety of ways. Each connectivity method benefits from unique characteristics, enabling you to maximize performance, affordability, and simplicity.

Clients and Connectivity
  • StorNext Client
  • NAS
  • S3

Collaboration Just Got Easier

With the award-winning Quantum H4000, fast, collaborative production just got easier. Rapidly deploy a complete StorNext 7 shared storage environment ready to 'go to work' for departments, teams, on location, and on set.

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