Scalar i7 RAPTOR

The most efficient, dense, low-cost solution for AI data lakes and to support hyperscale and exascale environments.


AI Infrastructure for Hyperscale & Exascale Environments

Organizations are retaining more data than ever to fuel AI models and require new solutions that deliver ultra-low cost, sustainability, and security for data lakes, data protection, and private and hybrid cloud deployments.

Quantum’s Scalar i7 RAPTOR delivers the highest storage density of any tape solution, reducing infrastructure costs, data center space, power and cooling costs, maintenance, and administration. It also offers patented ransomware protection and cyber resiliency features for securing private and hybrid clouds.

The Scalar i7 RAPTOR also includes all of the other features available on Scalar Tape Libraries including iLayer intelligent library management software, the Security Framework, proactive diagnostics, cloud-based monitoring, and RESTful web services for system administration.

Industry Leading Cyber Resiliency and Ransomware Recovery

Scalar Tape Libraries are the most secure tape libraries on the market, with over 25 features and capabilities that form a comprehensive Security Framework which controls system access, provides system monitoring and event detection, data security and encryption, and unique features for cyber protection and data integrity.

Ultimate Sustainability

The product also features the industry's lowest power consumption with highly efficient 80 PLUS Titanium rated power supplies and employs sustainable materials and processes throughout its lifecycle, from manufacture to delivery to operation to maintenance to disposition. This reduces the environmental impact and helps organizations achieve their goals to reduce CO2 emissions.

Maximum Flexibility

The product is available as either an OpEx model with monthly, usage-based payment schedules, or an as-a-service model, which provides flexibility and scalability to satisfy a wide range of organizational objectives.

Featured Benefits

AI-Driven Predictive Analytics

The Scalar i7 RAPTOR solution set features cutting-edge AI capabilities, setting a new industry standard for simple management and continuous availability. It offers automated analytics to characterize drive-media interactions, predicting robotic failure and gathering critical system data. The solution leverages AI in the product’s interactive help and documentation tool, making it easier to use and manage.

Modern S3 Interface Options

The Scalar i7 RAPTOR seamlessly integrates with ActiveScale, Quantum’s industry-leading object storage solution, to offer a modern S3 interface with glacier-class storage, enabling simple integration into AI work streams.The combination of ActiveScale and the Scalar i7 RAPTOR delivers one of the most cost-effective solutions that allows enterprises to retain every piece of data generated to feed data pipelines for comprehensive AI training.

Maximum Density, Performance and Efficiency for Lowest TCO

The Scalar i7 RAPTOR is designed to deliver the maximum storage density, performance and efficiency, which translates to fewer libraries to purchase, install and maintain. The product optimizes data access time and delivers industry-leading performance by avoiding complex mechanical designs that require excessive tape swapping.

Simplified Deployment and Maintenance

Designed for rapid deployment, the Scalar i7 RAPTOR enables a seamless transition from dock to data center floor in record time. With easy maintenance and 100 percent customer-replaceable components, Scalar i7 RAPTOR empowers data center technicians to service the product without specialized training. This simplicity and flexibility ensure that enterprises can scale their storage infrastructure quickly to meet demanding service level agreements.

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