Scalar i6000

A scalable, highly available, enterprise-class tape library for long-term data archiving and cyber protection.

Scalar i6000 Enterprise Library

Scalar® i6000 is an enterprise-class tape library with the industry’s best combination of capacity, security, and economy. A single unit can store up to 540 PB of data, and it scales using Capacity-on-Demand growth and slot-based pricing— scaling linearly with modules that conveniently fit in a 19” rack form factor.

Intelligent diagnostics monitor systems and issue proactive alerts. Full redundancy—from drives, power supplies, data, and control paths, even robotics—ensures continuous availability. A full suite of data security features ensures your data is protected and secure, and automated Extended Data Life Management (EDLM) ensures that your files are readable and safe, no matter how long you retain them.

Scalar i6000 Enterprise Library from Quantum


Quantum Scalar i6000

High Density without Compromise

The only high-density tape library design that does not compromise robotic performance or reliability, while providing up to 35.1 PB in a single, standard 19-inch rack footprint.

Minimize Downtime

Scalar i6000 has a comprehensive set of high-availability features to ensure the system remains operational and accessible. Redundant power supplies and path failover (for both robotic control and data path) provide the fault tolerance needed in an enterprise system. Additionally, intelligence built into the iLayer™ software provides a higher level of availability as advanced features like environmental and power monitoring, proactive diagnostics, and media-drive crosstab reporting, enabling proactive control of the library system to ensure maximum uptime.

Reduce Administration Time

RESTful Web Services API enable users to script any library configuration, operational or reporting task that can be completed through the remote management web GUI. This comprehensive API allows customers to save time by automating any administrative task.

Ensure Data Integrity and Security

Quantum Scalar Tape Libraries are the most secure tape libraries on the market, with over 25 unique features and capabilities that form a comprehensive security framework which controls system access, provides system monitoring and event detection, data security and encryption, and unique features for cyber protection and data integrity.

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