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Xcellis high-performance workflow storage is primary storage optimized for demanding video workflows – powered by StorNext, the industry’s fastest and most reliable streaming file system.  Xcellis optimizes video production tasks, accelerates time to insight, and empowers organizations to do more with their data.

What is Xcellis High-Performance Workflow Storage?

Xcellis workflow storage enables high-speed shared access to video and other rich media content. Powered by StorNext advanced data management software, it includes an Xcellis Workflow Director for system management and client connectivity, and RAID storage for data. This combination of software, compute, and storage is engineered to solve the world’s biggest storage challenges—and enables you to focus on your workflows rather than the storage. So you can do what you do best.

Featured Benefits


Unparalleled Playback Performance

Xcellis workflow storage enables a virtually limitless range of configurations and options. It combines support for up to 64 individually configurable volumes, multiple disk performance profiles and unified access across network protocols.  Whether it’s over a NAS, SAN, IB or NVMeoF storage architecture, or all simultaneously, Xcellis provides the performance needed for the most demanding video workflows. 


Comprehensive Unified Accessibility

Business projects today can have long time horizons, span multiple geographies, and involve hundreds, if not thousands, of contributors.  Not only does Xcellis present data across all logical storage tiers in one addressable global namespace, but it also allows native accessibility from users running macOS, Linux, and Windows. 


Integrated Data Protection Functionality

Xcellis offers a variety of important features that ensure data-protection of valuable content over its entire life-cycle.  Customers can easily copy files to off-site tiers and take advantage of versioning to roll back to an earlier point in time, as well as set up automated replication for disaster recovery purposes – all of which is designed to protect valuable digital assets.


Maximizing Scale

Explosive growth in file sizes and quantities is now the norm. Organizations need storage that scales easily and continuously, without costly forklift upgrades. Xcellis can be sized to precisely fit current requirements and scaled to meet future demands simply by adding storage arrays. Capacity and performance can grow independently, and no additional accelerators or controllers are needed to reach petabyte scale.


  • CONFIGURATION OPTIONS Available with combined metadata and user storage or dedicated metadata storage.
  • STORAGE SUPPORT Supports Quantum QXS storage for combined metadata and data options; Quantum or 3rd party storage with dedicated metadata models.
  • WORKFLOW DIRECTOR NODES Quantum QXS-3 and QXS-4 Dual redundant high-performance controllers Quad 16 Gb Fibre Channel per controller (eight ports total) Available in 2U12, 2U24, and 4U56 options.
  • CONNECTIVITY OPTIONS Fibre Channel: Quad 16Gb Optical, Dual 16 Gb Optical, or Quad 8 Gb Optical Onboard Ethernet: Quad 1Gb for service, management, and metadata networks Optional Ethernet: Up to two additional NICs for StorNext LAN, NAS, public cloud, and Lattus™ or other object storage connections Choose from quad 1 GbE, dual 10 GbE, or dual 40 GbE 10 GbE and 40 GbE in Optical or Twinax Optional InfiniBand: Up to two additional NICs for dual QSFP FDR InfiniBand connectivity Client Support: Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, AIX (see compatibility document for details) Client Protocol Support: StorNext SAN, StorNext LAN, SMB 1 (CIFS), SMB 2, SMB 3, NFS v3, Active Directory, OpenLDAP, RESTful API.

Xcellis High-Performance Shared Storage

Xcellis® is the industry’s first storage solution to comprehensively address the needs of high-value data environments, where an organization’s revenue and products are all built around data. The latest evolution of Quantum’s market-leading, high-performance shared storage platform, Xcellis Workflow Storage is engineered to deliver the management capabilities and robust features of enterprise NAS with the cost-effective scaling organizations demand to address modern data growth.

Xcellis High Performance Shared Storage diagram

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