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As your post-production team shifts to 4K, 8K, and even higher-resolution workflows, your storage environments will need to adjust to keep up. You need the performance for multi-stream editing, the shared content access for collaborative work, and the scalability for growing collections of large files. Quantum innovative technology can meet these demanding post-production storage requirements. Accelerate workflows, enhance efficiency, and boost productivity so you can deliver quality results while sticking to tight budgets and even tighter deadlines.

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Tap into the performance you need to provide a fast, responsive experience for editors, colorists, and other team members. Powered by the StorNext® platform, Quantum Xcellis® workflow storage and F-Series NVMe storage deliver the performance to support multi-stream workflows with high-resolution media—without dropped frames or productivity-killing lag.




Expand your capacity as needed to accommodate growing volumes of large, high-resolution files. With StorNext, you can size your environment to meet current needs now and later scale up cost-effectively to dozens of petabytes with zero downtime.



Give your team fast, shared access to media files so they can collaborate effectively. StorNext centralizes content and enables simultaneous access—from anywhere—to help your team keep projects moving.




Gain the flexibility to accommodate the way your team works best. StorNext supports a full range of operating systems and post-production applications so you can maximize productivity. Seamless integration with leading media asset management (MAM) systems lets you enhance efficiency and maintain your existing workflows.

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