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Quantum can help you capture and analyze surveillance footage for loss prevention, optimizing store layout and displays, and protect critical inventory data.

Video Surveillance Solutions for Retailers

Surveillance footage is critical for loss prevention, and Quantum offers solutions for any size and any scale. We provide the infrastructure to capture and record surveillance footage, from a few cameras to thousands of cameras. Surveillance data is now being analyzed and enriched to understand shopper behavior, shopper sentiment, and to optimize store layouts and displays. Quantum’s broad portfolio of surveillance solutions can help manage and enrich this data across its lifecycle, from initial capture and analysis through expiration.

Video Surveillance Solutions for Retailers

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Why Retailers Need Fast and Secure Data Protection

We understand communities rely on you. Consumer experience is top priority, but so is mitigating risk of potential data theft. From transactional data to surveillance, criminals seek to gain access to your company secrets. With such pressure, accessibility, reliability, and speed of your solutions are essential components in a retail environment.

Data Protection Solutions for Retailers

With Quantum, you can streamline, protect assets, and prevent data loss cost-effectively, so you can focus on improving your customer’s experience. Our solutions help you quickly backup data, secure it, and store it for the long term to meet data compliance regulations.

Data Security and Scalability

Keeping your data available at scale, managing it daily, and mitigating risk are important factors to consider. POS transactions need to be captured and secured and your business must remain agile. Due to the size and scale that comes with increases in consumer business, data sets can quickly grow into the multi-petabyte range with retention times causing storage capacity and costs to rise. Retailers need a solution that enables storage to scale efficiently for workloads that are easily accessible and cost-effective.

Ransomware Protection

The persistent threat of ransomware continues to badger retail organizations. With hackers targeting your backups, a reliable and resilient multi-layer approach will help you protect, isolate, and recover quickly. Establishing security measures like immutability, fast recoverability, and maintaining offline copies are the best defense against the onslaught of ransomware. A multi-layer security approach to ransomware is a resilient protection and recovery method that includes a physical airgap to iron clad your data while keeping costs down.

Data Recovery for Any Tier in the Data Lifecycle

When ransomware strikes, our solutions allow you to restore your data for any tier in the data workflow. Different capacity tiers give you the flexibility to choose where you want to store your data and how you want to recover it.

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Featured Benefits

Secure Store Properties and Prevent Loss > Solutions for Retailers > Quantum

Secure Store Properties and Prevent Loss

Quantum surveillance solutions help secure your stores, and prevent loss with scalable, resilient, and easy to manage solutions for surveillance capture and retention.

Video Analytics > Solutions for Retailers > Quantum

Enable Video Analytics to Optimize Sales

Surveillance footage can be recorded, analyzed, and retained on Quantum, enabling retailers to optimize store layouts based on shopper behavior to increase sales.

Protect Critical Data from Cyber Threats > Solutions for Retailers > Quantum

Protect Critical Data from Cyber Threats

Quantum data protection solutions protect against data loss, disaster, and cyber threats with a suite of solutions across the data lifecycle.

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