Producing Content Just Got Easier

Fast, collaborative production just got easier. From set to post, StorNext offers a truly shared environment across your entire production workflow.

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Addressing Complex Workflows and Fast Production Demands

Today, every business communicates their vision, products, and brands with rich content – and in more and more mediums than ever before. With the demand for content surging, content publishers, broadcasters, sports organizations, learning establishments, and corporate teams all need to produce and deliver content at a mind-boggling pace. And with workflows becoming more complex and the faster tempo of mission-critical deadlines, creative teams struggle to produce and deliver simultaneous projects, collaborate remotely, deal with content sprawl, and preserve content for future use.

Content Production and Collaboration Just Got Easier

Producing content just got easier with Quantum's collaborative shared solution for your entire production workflow.

StorNext® on the Quantum H4000 Series is a proven collaborative environment based on the fastest file system on the market for video workloads. Proven with the largest creative production teams worldwide, this purpose-built system is designed for collaborative shared access - enabling entire teams to produce content faster at full speed.

Quantum H4000 storage combined with StorNext software gives you a small footprint that is simple to set up and deploy anywhere you need. Take your content production more places than ever before - at the edge of content capture, on set, or your own private cloud.

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Featured Benefits


Faster Collaboration on Production Workflows

The fastest file system on the market for video workloads provides efficient shared access, allowing your creative experts to collaborate on workflows from anywhere.


Produce Content Where It’s Captured

Makes content available wherever it is needed – onsite production, in the editing suite, for producers, contributors, and creatives worldwide, keeping production moving smoothly and finishing projects faster.


A Single Data-Storage Platform for Better Content Control and Management

Consolidates your raw and finished assets into a single platform for taking control of content sprawl and storing and protecting your valuable content for future monetization, enrichment, and use.

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