The Broadcast Content Innovation Platform

Flexible, Collaborative Production to Meet Tight Deadlines and New Content Needs

Broadcasters have hyper-evolved into high resolution, multiple format, continuous content delivery brands. Getting and keeping control of content creation, collaboration, delivery, and now, content re-use and repurposing are critical to staying ahead of the competition.

Quantum’s StorNext® collaborative shared file system, complete range of workflow-fit storage and the CatDV asset management and orchestration solution are ready to help you tame even the most ambitious and real-time content production challenges, letting your teams work together at full speed and efficiency. Beyond current work-in-progress, StorNext helps you manage your growing content archives to spur content re-use and monetization.

StorNext for Broadcasters


Unmatched Performance and Scalability

With the StorNext collaborative shared file system and workflow-fit storage it's easy to scale quickly to meet new performance needs–or scale out economically for your growing content operations.


Unlock Collaboration and Efficiency

As your operation evolves multiple editors, remote and on-site producers, editorial, asset managers and content developers can all enjoy simultaneous, shared access to files with the solutions they depend on to help the entire team deliver projects faster, together.


Cost Efficient and Flexible Content Archiving

No matter how large your content archive grows, you can keep it all online to jumpstart new production cost-effectively and empower asset enrichment, monetization and content development.

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