Animation and VFX

Let Animation and SFX Workflows Take Flight

Performance and Collaboration to Match Your Creative Vision

Demand for Animation and Visual Efects content is skyrocketing – and letting your artists work full speed with the extreme performance demands of effects and animation solutions is critically dependent on the storage solution that supports them.

StorNext’s collaborative shared file system, complete range of workflow-fit storage and the CatDV asset management and orchestration solution are ready to match the unique performance needs of animation, visualization, rendering, and project and asset management that supports them in a single, connected workflow that lets every team work together at full speed and efficiency.

StorNext for Animation and Visual Effects


Collaboration Across a Unified Creative Workflow

Simultaneous, shared access to files for every department, your artists and the solutions they depend on helps the entire team deliver projects faster, together, and manage content throughout every step of the workflow.


Performance Exactly Where You Need It

With the StorNext collaborative shared file system and workflow-fit storage you can meet the extreme demands of animation production and rendering, or add more capacity, more performance, or both for each department's need.


Scalable and Cost-Effective Project Archives

Even as projects grow from millions to billions of files, StorNext lets your creative and production solutions work at full efficiency and speed and manage content movement to and from archives that seamlessly support ongoing production.

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