Solutions for Big Data in Manufacturing

Capture, store, and analyze high-resolution images and sensor data to improve yields, processes, and production quality.

Why Manufacturers Need a Big Data Solution

High-tech manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and streamline productivity, and their data is key to achieving those goals. When machine and sensor-generated data is captured and analyzed properly, it gives manufacturers a granular look into their products and processes, helping them to improve yields, streamline production quality control, and identify hidden risks.

But due to the size and scale of the files being generated, datasets quickly grow into the multi-petabyte range, and retention times can cause storage capacity and costs to increase rapidly. Manufacturers need a solution that captures and stores all their data resources on a single platform where it is easily accessible for problem-solving, analysis, and actionable insights.

ActiveScale Software Addresses Scale, Protection, and Performance Needs

Quantum’s ActiveScale Object Storage software is ideal for manufacturers’ big data needs, which allows you to combine data resources into a single platform and make trusted data accessible to the individuals and systems that use it.

ActiveScale Object Storage software is used for some of the world’s leading device and semiconductor manufacturing companies to store and protect their machine and sensor data. It provides massive scale and excellent performance for the analytics workloads generated by high-tech manufacturing. Further, it is a highly resilient, self-protecting data platform, with Dynamic Data Placement (DDP) technology that delivers the highest levels of data durability and availability.

It is ideally suited to handle multiple applications and multiple workloads, including manufacturing big data analytics, backup, and many more – and scales from Terabytes to Exabytes cost-effectively without impacting data availability or system performance.

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Featured Benefits


Improve Manufacturing Yields and Production Quality

Capture, store, and analyze machine and sensor data in a large archive to improve manufacturing yields and production quality.


Address Scale, Performance, and Retention Requirements in a Single Platform

The volume of data being generated in manufacturing today requires a platform with the performance, flexibility, and resiliency to keep up. ActiveScale Object Storage Software provides unparalleled scalability, durability, and availability of data.


Reduce Storage and Management Costs with an “Always On” Platform

Scale capacity without dealing with downtime or data unavailability. ActiveScale’s unique architecture optimizes data placement and even repairs data in the background, so your team can spend more time focused on your business and less time managing storage.

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