Quantum F-Series Downloads

NVMe Storage. An ultra-fast, highly available storage array for editing, rendering, and processing of video content and other large unstructured datasets.Lightning-Fast Performance with NVMe and RDMA.Much faster than traditional flash storage, extremely low latency, and hundreds of thousands of IOPs per chassis.Highly Available and Reliable Architecture. Both software and hardware are purpose-built for high availability and reliability, with no single point of failure. Predictable, Low-Latency Access via Fibre Channel or Ethernet. Enables users to reduce infrastructure costs by moving from Fibre Channel to IP-based infrastructures. Meets Performance Requirements with Less Rack Space. Users that have had to use a large number of HDDs or SSDs to meet their performance requirements can gain back racks of data center space. Tightly Integrates with Quantum’s StorNext® File System. Enables workstations and applications to access content in file format, and provides broad and deep integration with the entire media production ecosystem.