Quantum VS1110-A Application Server

Buildings are becoming smarter, with hundreds or thousands of internet-connected devices managing everything from lighting, HVAC controls, building automation, and surveillance. Managing a smart building is complex, and these applications demand high levels of availability, performance, and reliability.

The Quantum VS1110-A is an application server designed for building automation systems that require the highest levels of availability. The hardware is purpose-built for performance and redundancy, and the software provides for virtual machine (VM) failover between servers in a highly available server cluster.

The VS1110-A is easy to install and configure by non-IT personnel, and system health and performance can be securely monitored anytime, anywhere by connecting to Quantum’s Cloud-Based Analytics software.


VS1110-A Product Overview

The VS1110-A is designed for applications where high performance, redundancy, and availability are required. The SSD storage speeds application performance with RAID 1 data protection, while redundant hot swap power supplies and HDDs provide redundancy and availability.

VS1110-A Application Server

The VS1110 contains:

  • Two 480GB hot-pluggable (SATA) 6Gb/s 3D TLC 2.5" 7mm solid-state drives (SSDs)
  • Two 960GB hot-pluggable (SATA) 6Gb/s 3D TLC 2.5" 7mm solid-state drives (SSDs)
  • Six drive bays reserved for future use

VS1110 Rear View


Item Description Function
1 Front Power and LEDs Power Switch, Reset Button, LEDs for: Power, HDD Activity, Network Activity, Power Failure Notification, Information including fan failure and UID notification
2 10 GbE LAN Port Reserved for future use (bridged).
SFP+ with optical transceiver.
3 PCI-E Ports 3.0x16 Slot FH, 10.5” L (CPU2)
4 (2) Power Supplies 750W platinum, redundant
5 1 GbE LAN Port Management network for Host OS and VMs (bridged). RJ45
6 1 GbE LAN Port ExtraNet1 network (bridged). RJ45
7 (2) USB 3.0 Ports Keyboard/mouse/USB drive ports
8 BMC (IPMI) Port BMC Management Port
9 COM1 Port Serial port connector
10 VGA Port Console port video output connector
11 PCI-E Port 3.0x16 Slot FH, 10.5” L (CPU2)

VS1110-A Software

The VS1110-A comes pre-installed with the Quantum storage operating system, and certified applications running within a Windows virtual machine.

The VS1110-A software provides high availability at multiple levels of software to mitigate against hard drive failure, node failure, and VM failure, as shown in the diagram below.

VS1110-A Software

Drives within the VS1110-A are protected with RAID, so that drives can fail and be replaced without causing data loss.

Storage is protected by synchronously replicating storage volumes between a primary VS1110-A server and a secondary server.

Lastly, the VS1110-A storage software is continuously monitoring the state of the VM or VMs running the application, and if a VM fails (due to a crash, shutdown, or other reason), the software will detect the failure and automatically restart the VM, either on the same node, or on the other node if the primary node is unavailable.

Monitor System Health Anytime, Anywhere with Cloud-Based Analytics

As the final step in set up, managers can connect the VS1110-A to Quantum’s Cloud-Based Analytics software to enable the system to be monitored remotely. Building managers log into a web portal and are instantly able to monitor system health and performance.

This tool can be used by building managers or can be accessed by integrators and Quantum technical support to provide world-class support 24x7x365.

Monitor System Health Anytime, Anywhere with Cloud-Based Analytics

Secure Store Properties and Prevent Loss > Solutions for Retailers > Quantum

Purpose-built for building automation systems

Quantum designed the VS1110-A for hosting building automation systems that require the highest levels of performance and availability.


VM Failover provides for maximum uptime

The software on the VS1110-A provides for VM failover between servers to maximize availability.


Easy to Install and Configure by Non-IT Personnel

Set up and configure a system in a few easy steps, then connect to the cloud and monitor anywhere.


Securely Monitor the System Anytime, Anywhere

By connecting to Quantum’s Cloud-Based Analytics software, VS1110-A servers can be monitored from anywhere.

Technical Specifications

Form Factor: 1U Rack Mount

Drives: 2x 960GB SSD

Storage Capacity (Raw): 1.92 TB

Availability: Redundant, Hot Swap Power Supplies
Hot-Swap HDDs
VM Failover provided by software

CPU: Intel Xeon 4214 12C/24T

Memory: 256 GB

Networking: 2X RJ45 1GbE
2X RJ45 10GbE

Management: 1X RJ45 IPMI

Physical dimensions: Height: 43 mm (1.7”)

Width: 437 mm (17.2”)

Depth: 724 mm (28.5”)

Product without HDDs: 18.6 kg (41 lbs)

Power Supply: 750 W Redundant

Power Requirements: 100 – 127 Vac / 62.5 – 0 A / 50 – 60 Hz,
200 – 240 Vac / 62.5 – 0 A / 50 – 60 Hz

LED Indicators: Power, Hard Drive, Network, System, Overheat, Fan Fail, Unit Identification

Operating: 10 to 35 deg C (50 to 95 deg F)

Non-Operating: -40 to 60 deg C (-40 to 140 deg F)

Humidity: 5 to 95% non-condensing

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