Scalar i6H

A tape storage system designed for hyperscale and Exabyte-scale archive environments.

Data Growth Makes Backup Hard

Tape is a Critical Part of Hyperscale and Exa-Scale Infrastructure

Hyperscale cloud providers and other organizations managing Petabytes and Exabytes of data are using tape for long term data storage. Tape is ideally suited for long term data storage – it is low cost, requires very little power and cooling, and very secure to protect against ransomware and other cyber threats. And tape can help large organizations advance their EAS initiatives, because it is “green.”

Traditionally, deploying tape at very large scale is very difficult. It is difficult to find or construct data center space, it is difficult to install and deploy, and maintaining and operating very large tape systems is challenging.

Quantum has taken a different approach with the Scalar® i6H.

Efficient, Intelligent, and Secure Tape Storage for Hyperscale Environments

The Scalar i6H is a modular tape storage system with best-in-class storage density, a design that makes it easy to service and support, and other features and capabilities to build cyber-resilient exa-scale data archives.

Scalar i6H systems are deployed one rack at a time, which makes it faster and easier to deploy new tape capacity as archives grow. A Quantum Redundant Array of Independent Libraries, or RAIL, architecture is a more modular way to build large tape archives. Rather than store tens of thousands of tapes in a single tape system, organizations can build tape archives in a “scale out” manner, adding modular tape systems one at a time, which makes it faster and easier to deploy new tape capacity as archives grow.

This also means that tape capacity can be deployed in a non-contiguous fashion, allowing hyperscalers and other large organizations to be more flexible about where tape is deployed for secure, cold data storage.

In addition to the unique features and benefits below, the Scalar i6H includes all of the other features available on other Scalar Tape Libraries, including a comprehensive feature set to secure data and protect it against cyber threats, along with proactive diagnostics, cloud-based monitoring, and RESTful web services for system administration.

Efficient, Intelligent, and Secure Tape Storage for Hyperscale Environments

Featured Benefits

Best-in-class Storage Density

The Scalar i6H offers best-in-class storage density to minimize tape physical footprint, minimize data center floor space used, and to deliver the lowest total cost of ownership.

Modular, Flexible Deployment Options

The Scalar i6H is deployed one rack at a time, making it easier and faster to deploy tape capacity as large archives grow, and offering hyperscalers and other organizations more flexible options about how and where to deploy tape.

Simplified Service

The Scalar i6H improves SLAs through its simplified design and service model. All parts are customer replaceable, and most do not require tools.

Highly Efficient, Green Design

Including 80 PLUS certified power supplies to reduce power and cooling costs.

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