Edge Storage

Capture huge amounts of sensor data inside a moving vehicle under demanding conditions, then quickly and easily ingest data for processing.

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In-Vehicle Data Capture

Quickly Capture Sensor Data in any Edge Environment

Data captured in an autonomous vehicle can generate up to 20 TB per hour, per vehicle, and petabytes a week, quickly reaching multi-petabyte scale. Vast amounts of unstructured data—high-res images, LiDAR sensor data, and machine data–-are being generated in an environment that requires small form factor, large storage capacity, durability, and performance based on NVMe flash. The Quantum R-Series is purpose built to meet all these requirements.

Edge Storage with Reliable, Durable Data Capture

Quantum’s R-Series was specifically designed for edge data capture use cases, such as ADAS and autonomous vehicle research, surveillance monitoring, M&E production, and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. The R-Series addresses the demanding requirements of data capture in any challenging environment - from military vehicles on rough terrain in the desert to research vehicles navigating potholes and road obstacles at high speeds.

The R-Series supports SSD and NVMe form factors with adjustable capacity based on requirements. The drives are situated in a removable canister, making it easy to swap full canisters and put in empty canisters - ready to capture more data. The removed canister can then be inserted into a chassis in the data center for further analysis.


Featured Benefits

Reliable, High-Speed Data Capture

Magazine and chassis are designed to withstand the rigors of in-vehicle conditions with a ruggedized hardware design and built-in data protection software.

Highly Available and Reliable Architecture

Both software and hardware are purpose-built for high availability and reliability in rugged mobile environments.

Quickly Upload Data with Removable Drive Canister

The removable magazine makes it easy for a technician to upload 10s of TBs of raw data to a Quantum shared storage system at the end of the day.

Easily Integrated

The R-Series is easily integrated with a full suite of data loggers which collect data from LiDAR, radar, camera, GPS, and other sensors, and can work alongside a wide array of in-vehicle data annotation tools.

Technical Specifications

Specifications R3000 R6000
Canister Storage 6-Bay SSD 4-Bay NVMe
Raw capacity 23 or 46 TB
(6) 2.5” SSD drives in removable canister
15.36 TB, 30.72 TB, 61.44 TB
(4) Hot Swap 2.5” NVMe non-SED or SED drives
Data protection RAID 0/1/5/6/10 RAID 0/1/5/6/10

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