StorNext on AWS

Deploy the leading high-speed, collaborative shared-storage file system on AWS for agile, cloud, or hybrid cloud workflows and to enable collaborative video editing for remote teams.

The Fastest Way to Deploy StorNext for Your Agile, Fast-Paced Workflows

Many people have integrated cloud services into individual production workflow steps, and cloud storage can be leveraged by individual applications for scalable, on-demand services. Yet, building a truly collaborative environment for remote and hybrid teams without copying files back and forth has proven difficult and costly.

Now Quantum gives you StorNext®, the leading high-performance, shared storage file system experience on AWS cloud infrastructure that makes it fast and simple to launch an entire shared storage environment on demand that’s ready to use in minutes.

The Fastest Way to Deploy StorNext for Your Agile, Fast-Paced Workflows

StorNext on AWS delivers the same collaborative, shared storage experience as a physical, on-site installation using Amazon cloud infrastructure services, such as Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS), and Amazon CloudFormation.

Extend On-Site and Cloud Workflows and Respond to ‘Burst’ Production Demands with Ease

There’s no need to expand storage, add connectivity, or wait for seats to open in your facility. When a team is ready to start work on a new project, simply spin up a fresh instance of StorNext on AWS. When the project is finished, move finished files to your main content repository, and shut the StorNext on AWS instance down when no longer needed.

Users can connect from anywhere they happen to be to edit video in the cloud and collaborate on their production seamlessly without having to copy files back and forth. There’s no need to install client licenses or install client software to get started for SMB shared storage access. StorNext administrators can optionally have users access StorNext on AWS using the StorNext Distributed LAN Client (DLC) for a more native file system experience on macOS, Windows, and Linux systems.

Connect your existing on-premises workflows to a StorNext environment in the cloud as the ideal interchange and central content handoff for your increasingly global and remote operations. Combine with other workflow solutions, like Quantum CatDV, and powerful file movement services, like StorNext FlexSync™ and FlexTier™ to build highly efficient, unified content production and management operations.

Featured Benefits

Launch your environment when you need it, spin it down when you don’t

Choose your configuration and amount of storage needed and launch it within the AWS management console. Your users can access the new shared storage in minutes.

Users can access data and collaborate from anywhere with no need to copy files between users

Since there’s no specialized connector or physical access needed, users can connect to their team’s shared storage from anywhere they happen to be—on location, in the field, or at home—yet still have the full StorNext managed, shared storage service as if they were working together in the same facility.

Works seamlessly for users and applications expecting a file and folder interface

StorNext on AWS is StorNext, so users can browse and manage files together in a familiar files and folders interface. Use drop folders and watch folders for your applications to speed and organize your team’s work.

Use powerful StorNext services to extend and unite your workflows

Move raw content in—and finished content out—of your StorNext in the cloud instance with StorNext’s powerful file movement and orchestration tools FlexSync, and FlexTier as part of your evolving content production and management operations.

Specifications and Configurations

The StorNext file system can be purchased through the AWS Marketplace in one of four configurations.

StorNext on AWS – 62.5 TB

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StorNext on AWS – 32 TB

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StorNext on AWS – 25 TB

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StorNext on AWS – 12 TB

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