Myriad All-Flash Scale-Out File and Object Storage

Cloud-native software that brings new levels of simplicity and adaptability to your high-performance unstructured data workloads.

A Modern Design to Keep Pace with Change

Modern applications like rapidly evolving data science, AI, VFX and animation require a solution that delivers consistent high performance and low latency. But, it’s also critical to have a truly agile, modern infrastructure that doesn’t rely on legacy or custom hardware and can grow as your technology needs change to keep costs low, reduce complexity, and future-proof your infrastructure.

Quantum Myriad™ all-flash, scale-out file and object software solves these challenges with a cloud-native architecture designed for the latest flash technologies to deliver consistent low-latency performance at any scale. It introduces inline data services such as deduplication and compression, snapshots and clones, and metadata tagging to accelerate AI/ML data processing. And it uses familiar and proven cloud technologies, like microservices and Kubernetes®, to deliver cloud simplicity wherever deployed.

With no custom hardware required and a modern architecture, Myriad adapts to future storage needs while lowering costs and reducing the management burden on over-extended staff so they can focus on innovation.


Featured Benefits

Future-Proof Your Infrastructure

Adapt to changing business requirements quickly, on-premises and in the cloud, with modern cloud-native software that requires no specialized hardware and will run natively in the cloud.

Reduce Operational Costs

Replace racks of disk with a fast, modern, simple all-flash cluster and reduce data center footprint, power costs, and emissions.

Get Consistent, Ultra-Fast, Low-Latency Performance

Achieve consistent low-latency performance for high-bandwidth and high-IOPs applications with ultra-fast, all-flash storage software platform.

Free Up IT Resources, Adopt New Features and Fixes Faster

Manage large clusters with little IT involvement and no networking expertise. Microservices can be deployed quickly so you can adopt new features and fixes faster with less risk.

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