Quantum LTO-9 Pre-Purchase Program

LTO-9 Drives for Your Data Center

It’s time to secure your LTO-9 drives - order now using Quantum’s LTO-9 pre-purchase program. Quantum is offering an LTO-9 pre-purchase program for Scalar® i6000, Scalar i6, Scalar i3, Scalar i500, AEL6, AEL6000 & AEL500 libraries.

The pre-purchase program is available now through December 2020 for new and current Quantum Scalar and AEL customers. When you purchase LTO-8 drives, we will exchange them for an equal number of LTO-9 drives when they become available.*

*This program is subject to special terms and conditions.

LTO Tape Storage: For Long-Term Data Retention.jpg

LTO Technology for Long-Term Data Protection

LTO tape technology provides organizations with reliable, long-term data protection and preservation. With LTO tape drives, organizations can meet security and compliance requirements, while at the same time, save on storage footprint, power, and cooling costs, which can make a significant difference in operating costs for larger library environments.

Featured Highlights

  • Lowest cost per GB.
  • Tape offers lower power and cooling costs, plus a lower footprint leads to improved TCO.
  • Linear Tape File System (LTFS) support.
  • AES 256-bit Encryption – Military-grade encryption comes standard.
  • WORM technology – Makes data non-rewriteable and non-erasable, which acts as an immutable vault within your tape library to secure and protect an offline copy from ransomware.

Quantum’s commitment to tape technology and its future roadmap will continue with the next generation of LTO technology.

Please contact your Quantum Representative for more information about the terms and conditions and how to take advantage of this program. Also, connect with us through our Chat Bot.