LTO-9 keeps up with massive growth of unstructured data to address your data security and capacity demands.

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LTO Tape Addresses Massive Data Growth and Security

LTO-9 capacity, density, and performance continue to build on the value of the LTO standard and lead the market in preserving and protecting data to address massive growth in unstructured data. LTO continues to be the ideal storage medium for archiving and ransomware protection and recovery.

Quantum’s LTO media delivers reliability, cost, and security. To meet compliance for long-term data retention, LTO tape effectively meets your archive needs so that your data is not only secured from internal or external threats, but readily available and easily recoverable when needed. You can rely on LTO media to provide the lowest TCO to help your financial business objectives, capacity demands, and security requirements.

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LTO-9 Capacity

Quantum LTO-9 offers the latest in LTO technology and delivers increased tape cartridge capacity with up to 18 TB (45 TB* compressed).

LTO-9 includes features, such as multi-layer security support via hardware-based encryption, WORM (Write-Once, Read-Many) functionality and support for Linear Tape File System (LTFS), and are fully read and write compatible with LTO-8 cartridges.

*Assumes 2.5:1 compression

Featured Benefits


Increased Performance

With 18 TB of raw and up to 45 TB* of compressed capacity, and a full-height drive performance of up to 1,000 MB/sec (3.6 TB/Hr.) compressed transfer rate (400 MB/sec. native), LTO-9 dramatically reduces the floor space required to store long-term data and meet the demands of your business.

*Assumes 2.5:1 compression


Mitigate Ransomware, Data Loss and Corruption

LTO provides the most efficient long-term archive, for offline and “air-gapped” data storage for the ultimate tier of data protection.


Lowest-Cost Storage

TCO Comparison against other long-term storage media shows LTO remains the low-cost leader that enables flexible scalability to match your data growth projections.



LTO continues to provide an open tape storage format that offers the security and flexibility needed in today’s cyber climate. LTO-9 can format new and unused LTO-8 tapes (R/W) and will be compatible with LTO-10 drives.

Tape: Security Against Cyber Threats

We know cyberattacks targeting backups is a concern. Business interruption, loss of revenue, and reputational damages are the results of successful ransomware attacks. Criminals are persistent and play a vigilante role staying close to your network, learning everything they need to bypass and eventually destroy your network-connected backups—locally or in cloud storage.

In addition, as ransomware costs continue to increase, organizations are looking for cost-effective solutions to keep their data secure and cost-effective. The downtime associated with these cyber events is painful, increasing 200% year-over-year, becoming tougher to recover from.

Tape is inherently secure because data is stored offline, making it a proven solution against modern cyberattacks. It’s your last line of defense since criminals can’t delete or encrypt what they can’t access over a network.

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