Xcellis Gateway Nodes

Cost-Effective, High-performance Scalability for NAS Environments

Xcellis® gateway nodes offer the ability to redefine performance across all-IP storage architectures, and do so affordably through 1 GbE, 10 GbE, 40 GbE, and 100 GbE client access to StorNext® environments.

Ideal for customers who have render farms for visual effects, server farms for data analysis, or 100-plus workstation environments where shared storage is a must, Xcellis gateway nodes offer industry leading performance and cost-effectiveness.


Featured Benefits


Cost-effective Performance at Scale

Xcellis clusters can scale capacity and performance together or independently to reach hundreds of petabytes and terabytes-per-second performance. Single client connections (SMB, NFS, or high-performance client) can achieve more than 3x the performance of competitive enterprise NAS offerings.  And in workflows where low latency is required, Xcellis can be configured with Quantum’s Distributed LAN Client (DLC).


High Availability

In dual redundant configurations, built-in StorNext software running on Xcellis gateway nodes can monitor the load between multiple gateways, dynamically allocating requests to balance the traffic across network interface cards. This automated process greatly reduces the administrative overhead of having to remap and mount client machines to new targets, as typically occurs in traditional NFS/CIFS LAN connections.


Easily Protect and Move Content

Xcellis gateway nodes can serve as a Distributed Data Mover (DDM), taking data migration duties from StorNext metadata controllers and clients. This preserves system performance during archive operations when data is moved between primary storage and more affordable tiers, such as tape, object, or cloud storage.


Advanced Features and Flexible Management

With a simple installation and setup, in as little as 30 minutes, Xcellis gateway nodes provide a modern administrative GUI with in-depth monitoring, alerting and management functions, plus rapid scanning and search. Xcellis is designed to integrate with the highest performance Ethernet networks through SMB and NFS interfaces.


  • WORKFLOW DIRECTOR NODES Dual rack servers
    Redundant power supplies
    Dual six-core high-performance Intel E5 v3 CPUs
    Dual redundant high-performance controllers
    Available in 2U12, 2U24, and 4U56 options
  • STORAGE SUPPORT Supports Quantum QXS storage for combined metadata and data options; Quantum or 3rd-party storage for user data*.
  • NAS CONNECTIVITY LICENSE Enables connection of SMB and NFS clients directly to Xcellis; does not require per-client licensing.
  • OPTIONAL STORNEXT LAN GATEWAY LICENSE Enables connection of StorNext LAN clients directly to Xcellis; does not require per-client licensing.
  • INCLUDED STORNEXT SOFTWARE StorNext High Availability License Option, 10 SAN clients available to the user for any OS type, 1 embedded SAN client for each Xcellis Workflow Director node, and a Distributed Data Mover license (for the secondary node).
  • ONBOARD ETHERNET Quad 1 GbE for service, management, and metadata networks.
  • ADDITIONAL ETHERNET Up to two additional NICs for StorNext LAN, NAS, public cloud, and Lattus™ or other object storage connections
    Choose from quad 1 GbE, dual 10 GbE, or dual 40 GbE
    10 GbE in Optical, Twinax, or 10GBase-T.
  • OPTIONAL INFINIBAND Up to two additional NICs for dual QSFP FDR Infiniband connectivity.
  • FIBRE CHANNEL Quad 16 Gb Optical, Dual 16 Gb Optical, or Quad 8 Gb Optical.
  • CLIENT PROTOCOL SUPPORT StorNext SAN, StorNext LAN, SMB 1 (CIFS), SMB 2, SMB 3, NFS v3, NFS v4 Active Directory, OpenLDAP, RESTful API.
  • CLIENT SUPPORT Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, AIX
  • CLOUD STORAGE The FlexTier™ feature of StorNext Storage Manager provides support for customer-owned public cloud accounts in Amazon AWS including S3, S3 Infrequent Access, Glacier, GovCloud, and C2S; Microsoft Azure Locally Redundant Storage (LRS), Zone Redundant Storage (ZRS), Geographically Redundant Storage (GRS), Read-Access Geographically Redundant Storage (RA-GRS); or Google S3 Cloud services.
  • OBJECT STORAGE Quantum Lattus low-latency, massively scalable object storage
    Support for third-party object storage using StorNext Storage Manager.
  • TAPE ARCHIVE StorNext AEL500, StorNext AEL6000 tape archive
    Scalar i3/i6 tape libraries
    3rd-party tape archive systems also supported

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