Quantum F-Series

NVMe Storage

An ultra-fast, highly available storage array for editing, rendering, and processing of video content and other large unstructured datasets.

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Increase Workflow Speed Without the Cost

As picture clarity, visual effects, and camera technologies grow, more pressure is placed on media workflows and the storage they require. Combined with strict deadlines and the need to work across teams, media and entertainment organizations have long been looking for a solution that increases the speed of workflows without being cost prohibitive.

Increase the efficiency of your color correction, editing, and post-production teams. Render large 4K, 8K and even 16K files faster. Unparalleled and fueled by the same innovation that brought you StorNext, the Quantum F-Series will transform your workflow and take it to the next level.

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Designed Specifically for Video & Video-like Data Sets

The F-Series uses NVMe flash drives for ultra-fast reads and writes and to support a huge amount of parallel processing. In addition, F-Series uses the latest RDMA networking technology to provide direct access between workstations and the NVMe storage devices, to provide predictable, ultra-fast network performance. Lastly, both the software and hardware architecture are designed to be highly available.

Unlike other NVMe storage arrays, the F-Series was designed specifically for video and video-like data sets, so it can easily handle the performance requirements of ultra-high-def content, high-resolution images, and other forms of unstructured data.



The F2000 is a 2U, dual-node server with two hot-swappable compute canisters and up to 24 dual-ported NVMe drives. Each compute canister can access all 24 NVMe drives, and each compute canister includes processing power, memory, and connectivity specifically designed for the highest performance and availability.

The F2000 appliance holds up to 24 dual-ported NVMe drives, and is available in three capacity points:
46 TB (24 x 1.92 TB)
92 TB (24 x 3.84 TB)
184 TB (24 x 7.68 TB)

Quantum F-Series Software: Powered by the Quantum Cloud Storage Platform
Quantum’s Cloud Storage Platform is a software-defined storage platform that was designed specifically for video and other large unstructured data sets.

The Quantum Cloud Storage Platform is:
Software-defined: Run on bare metal, in a VM, or in the cloud. No hardware dependence.

Highly available: With capabilities that include active/active clustering, failover, and different forms of data protection.

Tuned for low latency and fast streaming performance: Because the Quantum Cloud Storage Platform was built for video and video-like data, we’ve stripped out the data services that don’t apply to video, making the architecture more efficient and maximizing streaming performance to the storage.


Lightning-Fast Performance with NVMe and RDMA

Much faster than traditional flash storage, extremely low-latency, and hundreds of thousands of IOPs per chassis.


Highly Available and Reliable Architecture

Both software and hardware are purpose-built for high availability and reliability.


Meet Performance Requirements with Less Rack Space

Users that have had to use a large number of HDDs or SSDs to meet their performance requirements can gain back racks of data center space.

File System

Tightly Integrates with Quantum’s StorNext File System

Enables workstations and applications to access content in file format, and provides broad and deep integration with the entire media production ecosystem.

Technical Specifications

F2000, 46 TB

24 x 2.5” Dual-port NVMe SSDs

SSD Capacity: 24 x 1.92 TB 1 DW/D

F2000, 92 TB

24 x 2.5” Dual-port NVMe SSDs

SSD Capacity: 24 x 3.84 TB 1 DW/D

F2000, 184 TB

24 x 2.5” Dual-port NVMe SSDs

SSD Capacity: 24 x 7.68 TB 1 DW/D 

Dual Xeon 6140, 2.3 GHz, 18 C, 140 W

Two Canisters per F2000
32 GB ECC RDIMM, DDR4-2666 MHz - Total: 256 GB (128 GB per node)
24 DIMM slots on each motherboard

2 PCIe Gen3 x16 Low Profile
1 PCIe Gen3 x16 Standard Height

4 10 Gb Ethernet (RJ45)
2 USB 3.0
1 VGA, DB15
1 RJ45 BMC / Management

IPMI 2.0 System Management

Height: 87.6 mm (3.45”)
Width: 446.4 mm (17.58”)
Depth: 836.4 mm (32.93”)
Product w/o SSDs: ~39.1 kg (86.0 lbs)
Product w/ 24 SSDs: ~42.1 kg (92.6 lbs)

1+1 1800 W, CRPS, 80+ Platinum
200-240 V AC input
56.2 WHr Battery Backup Unit (BBU) per canister with 5-year expected life

4+1 40 mm fans, cold-swappable

Front: Power, ID, Fault
Drive: Activity, Fault

Hot-swappable power supplies, compute canister, and SSD modules

Operating Temperature: 5 to 35°C        
Non-op Temperature: -30 to 60°C        
Humidity: 8 to 85% relative humidity

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