Engineered and Designed for Video and Rich Media Content

Quantum high-performance storage enables coordinated and shared access to your critical data. Powered by StorNext, it includes an Xcellis for system management and client connectivity, and RAID storage for data. This combination of software and storage optimizes video production tasks, accelerates time to insight, and empowers organizations to do more with their data.

Introducing the Quantum F-Series
An ultra-fast, highly available NVMe storage array for editing, rendering, and processing of video content and other large unstructured datasets.

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Ultra-Fast, Software-Defined Storage Array is Ideal for Editing, Rendering and Processing High-Definition Video Content

Lattus Object Storage

Designed for massive scaleData durabilityRAID/file structureCapEx/OpEx affordability

To accommodate the exponential rise in unstructured data, Lattus object storage offers the disk-speed access needed to monetize content while allowing you to extend your online storage beyond the petabyte level.

Xcellis Workflow Storage

Xcellis Workflow Storage is primary storage optimized for demanding video workflows – powered by StorNext, the industry’s fastest and more reliable streaming file system.

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Media & Entertainment

Whether you’re in post-production, broadcast or corporate video—StorNext enables high-performance capture, collaboration, processing, and preservation of data. And while each workflow is different, some things remain the same: the data is invaluable, the data is growing, the data cannot be recreated, and the data must be preserved—so it can be repurposed in ways that can’t be imagined today. 

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Life Sciences

Dramatic declines in the cost and run times for genome sequencing are enabling life sciences researchers to do more, faster. But these advances come with a cost—data growth that quickly outpaces existing storage infrastructure. To accelerate discovery, scientists need intelligent data management throughout the entire life sciences workflow—from data capture to analysis to archive and beyond.

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Increases in the resolution of video, rapid advances in sensor technologies, the democratization of satellite imagery with small sats, and innovations in data fusion—all add up to opportunity. But these technology advances have introduced storage challenges as organizations struggle to keep pace with the massive influx of imagery.

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