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Xcellis Appliances

Get the most out of your StorNext environment with purpose-built metadata controller and gateway appliances.


Maximize Your Productivity

The StorNext® File System can be configured and deployed as software, or on tested and pre-configured appliances from Quantum, referred to as Xcellis® storage appliances. StorNext Xcellis appliances enable high-speed shared access to your files, and are available in a variety of configurations, both for hosting the StorNext Metadata Controller (“MDC”) software, and for scaling out client connection support and bandwidth for primary and secondary storage data placement.

Quantum Xcellis appliances are the easiest way to purchase and deploy the StorNext file system, and are purpose built for the task. Get the most out of your investment, get the best performance, and the best overall customer experience when you deploy StorNext file system software on an Xcellis appliance from Quantum.

Featured Benefits

Simple to Deploy and Manage

Xcellis appliances are the easiest way to deploy and grow a StorNext file system environment.

Purpose-Built for Maximum Performance

Every Xcellis appliance has been designed and tested to maximize StorNext file system performance.

Flexible Server and Storage Options

Xcellis MDC appliances and Xcellis gateway appliances are available in a wide range of server and storage options to meet any performance and capacity requirement.

Flexible Connectivity Options

Xcellis appliances can be configured with a wide range of Ethernet and Fibre Channel connectivity options.


Appliance Type Xcellis WD (Metadata) Xcellis WE (Gateway)
Use Hosts StorNext® metadata controller software Used for scaling out client access and performance
System Configuration Options: Available with combined metadata and user storage or dedicated metadata storage
Storage Support: Includes Quantum QXS™ 12G storage for combined metadata and data options; supports Quantum or 3rd-party storage with dedicated metadata models
Nodes: Dual rack servers, redundant power supplies, dual eight-core high-performance Intel Silver CPUs
Dual 8-core CPU64 GB RAM
Dual internal mirrored SSD drives for Operating System and 1-TB drive for logs
Dual 750 W power supplies
Dual cooling fans

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