QXS-Series Scale-Out and High-Density Storage

High-performance, highly reliable storage to give you speed and flexbility for your growing video workflows.

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Cost-effectively Accelerate Video Workflows

Across multiple industries, whether it be media, government, or even autonomous vehicle development, businesses are working with digital media that is constantly pushing the limits of underlying storage infrastructure. Designed and engineered from the ground up to support these demanding video workflows, QXS™ is tuned to deliver high levels of sequential I/O performance, with up to 12 GB/s read performance, 10 GB/s write performance, and 750K random read performance per system. Delivering this performance are highly dense 2U and 5U chassis options, offering up to 6.7 PB of capacity per fully expanded system.  


Exceed Requirements, Stay Within Budget

Architecting a storage infrastructure that supports increasing volumes of data and accessibility requirements, and doing so within budget, can be challenging. By offering higher levels of configurability than competitive storage arrays, and with the ability to create a storage environment that precisely supports individual workflow requirements, QXS storage arrays provide an optimal foundation on which to base your business operations. 



Feature QXS-5 Series 2U for High Performance QXS-5 Series 5U for High Density
Drive Bay Configuration 2U 12-bay for 3.5” HDD drives
2U 24-bay for 2.5” SSD or HDD drives
5U 84-bay 3.5” HDD drives
Raid Controllers Dual Active/Active Dual Active/Active
Connectivity Interface 8 ports of either 16/32 Gb autosensing Fibre Channel or 10/25 Gb Ethernet 8 ports of either 16/32 Gb autosensing Fibre Channel or 10/25 Gb Ethernet
Drive Modules Available 3.5” NL-SAS HDD
Throughput Maximum Capability 12 GB/s reads, 10 GB/s writes 12 GB/s reads, 10 GB/s writes
Maximum Single System Storage Capacity 240 TB in 2 rack units 1.6 PB in 5 rack units
Maximum Expanded System Capacity 1.44 PB in 12 rack units 6.7 PB in 20 rack units

Featured Benefits

Highly Adaptable to Your Unique Requirements

Quantum QXS-Series arrays are available in a variety of configurations, have both Fibre Channel and Ethernet connectivity options, and seamlessly support additional SSDs, HDDs, and expansion systems when needed. 

Maximum Reliability for Mission-critical Operations

With multi-core processing, active-active controllers, and separate paths for internal management and external data access, Quantum QXS-Series has been engineered without a single point of failure. 

Improve the Return on Your Storage Investments

Quantum QXS-Series is tightly integrated with StorNext®, meaning organizations can create cost-effective multiple-tier storage environments that support both online and offline workflows. And having all this content in one global namespace means users will always have access to their data.

Reduce Data Center Footprint

With the ability to be configured with up to 6.7 PB of storage capacity in a single fully expanded system in only 20 rack units, QXS-Series is one of the densest storage arrays available, which ultimately helps organizations lower TCO. 

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