Accelerate Lustre HPC Environments

Reduce time to insight with blazing fast hybrid storage at extreme scale.

HPC application environments can drive massive IO and generate data at extraordinary rates. HPC data is predominantly unstructured and growth rates are variable, IO is mixed and infrastructure budgets do not keep pace.

Quantum solutions are solving some of the toughest problems for midrange and high-end sites in a variety of disciplines including national labs, academic research, life sciences, aero and automotive manufacturing, energy exploration and national security.

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Tailored for HPC and Lustre Environments

Most storage architectures optimize for either bandwidth or transactions and rapidly become the major bottleneck in HPC workflows. Quantum QXS™ hybrid storage delivers the high-speed storage required by demanding HPC environments and the Lustre file system. To enable massively parallel reads, QXS hybrid storage includes a patented data caching architecture that takes maximum advantage of the QXS hybrid storage redundant controllers. To handle mixed and small IO, QXS features an adaptive caching technology to accommodate dozens of independent, concurrent streams of data without degrading throughput.


Scales to Any Need

QXS hybrid storage from Quantum can be the cornerstone of a Lustre solution that is fully redundant and optimized for performance—ensuring that mission-critical applications always have access to critical data. Together, Lustre and Quantum QXS hybrid storage enable the massive scale and blazing fast performance required for HPC modeling, simulation, and analysis.

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