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Protect critical financial information with unprecedented data encryption key management technology.

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Quantum understands that financial services organizations face many unique challenges when it comes to their data. With new customer and regulatory demands, cost restrictions and security risks, you need a data security solution that enables you to protect, quickly access and manage your information with confidence, 24/7.


Reliable Deduplication and Replication

Between private client information and growing amounts of business records, financial services companies need access to secure and dependable data backups and restores in order to ensure uninterrupted operations. That’s why they choose the DXi®-Series, featuring our patented deduplication technology, to reduce disk needs by 90 percent—all while increasing confidence throughout the organization.


Rock-Solid Compliance

For many financial organizations, the ability to conduct audits has become a priority. And while all of Quantum’s solutions provide reliable data security, encrypted key management technology allows you to build and maintain compliance programs that meet strict regulations.


Maximized ROI

Solutions from Quantum easily integrate into your existing infrastructure and create a centralized storage hub so you can share information more quickly and address customers’ needs more efficiently. Plus, as your business grows, Quantum solutions are designed to grow with you without disrupting operations. Perhaps that’s why companies around the world, like MetLife, rely on Quantum.

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Unstructured Data Management – It’s a Boardroom ConversationUnstructured Data Management – It’s a Boardroom Conversation is based on an in-depth survey of IT executives and directors conducted by Enterprise Strategy Group.

This visually designed e-Book digs into:

  • The current stats from 150 organizations on data growth
  • How they manage data to produce the most ROI
  • The challenges they face to ensure data is used to streamline processes, better serve new customers, and generate additional revenue

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