From seismic analysis to distributed computing and CAD/CAM retention, energy companies
need to process data quickly and retain it securely. But they also need to reduce storage
costs and protect revenue-generating digital assets. That's why organizations around the
world rely on Quantum StorNext® data sharing and archiving solutions.

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Quantum StorNext data management software keeps the oil and gas industry moving forward. From acquisition to exploration, oil and gas companies need to process data quickly and retain it securely and cost effectively. That's why organizations around the world rely on Quantum StorNext data sharing and archiving solutions.


Acquire, Ingest and Process Data Faster

Regardless of whether your data is located on one tier or multiple tiers across active archive, private or public cloud, StorNext creates a shared storage pool with simultaneous, high-speed access to up to thousands of servers. Access StorNext-managed data over IP using NFS or SMB, or for higher performance, connect directly to the file system using file system clients over Ethernet, Fibre Channel or InfiniBand. 


Retain Data Cost Effectively

To reduce your cost of storage, StorNext Storage Manager automatically and transparently archives data to different storage tiers, including object storage, public cloud services and award-winning Quantum Scalar® tape libraries. Storage Manager can also automatically generate additional copies for off-site data recovery and checks the integrity of files, so valuable content is never at risk.


Adapt As Your Needs Evolve

Xcellis® Foundation can grow as your business dictates. Easily add capacity, connectivity and redundancy. With StorNext advanced data management, you can add Quantum nearline and archive solutions—including popular public cloud storage services—with built-in storage tiering without disrupting your workflows. 

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StorNext File System

At the core of all Quantum storage is StorNext, our award-winning file system, a combination of a high-speed file system and advanced data management software. With a unique combination of performance and management, StorNext extends its power to media and entertainment and other highly data-intensive environments such as genomics, academic research, surveillance and industrial IoT, oil and gas, and government security.

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Object Storage

Quantum object storage offers an architecture that enables it to scale to hundreds of petabytes with a flat object namespace, plus dispersion algorithms that can be tuned to spread the data across multiple sites to improve accessibility and availability.

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Scalar Tape Library

The intelligent choice for archiving applications and long-term data retention. Proactive and automated monitoring and management reduces administration time and service interruptions, keeping IT staff focused on key business objectives. 

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