Optimized for Autonomous Vehicle Development

Mobile storage for autonomous vehicle testing carries unique requirements not addressed by traditional IT storage offerings. Quantum offers the most comprehensive solution for in-vehicle sensor data capture and recording for test, development, security, analysis and intelligence.

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Designed for Test Cars

Autonomous test vehicles are equipped with a network of sensors, cameras, GPS, IMUs, ECUs and high-performance computer processing. Our in-vehicle storage solution is designed specifically for this challenging environment. It extends Quantum’s workflow solution to provide the easiest and most seamless method for managing data through its entire life cycle–from in-vehicle data capture, to data center analysis, to long-term retention for active and cold archive.



The nature of innovation understands that plans change or vary depending on objectives, prior results and the availability of new technology. Our in-vehicle solution provides flexibility to align storage capacity, performance and cost with test requirements by choosing SSDs or HDDs in 2.5” or 3.5” form factors. Plus, removable drive magazines can easily be swapped if test requirements change.


Fast & Efficient

Because engineering teams need prompt access to the latest test data, they need a way to quickly and easily transfer data from the car to the analysis and development environment. When in-vehicle data capture is complete, the removable magazines can be loaded into a storage chassis in the garage for immediate and automated* ingest to the development system. Our solution offers the most cost-effective infrastructure for storing, managing, protecting and accessing multiple petabytes to exabytes of test and development data.

*requires StorNext



We provide the most comprehensive platform to enable seamless long-term storage resource management for on-premise, off-premise and cloud resources, optimizing cost-effectiveness and ease of storage technology migration over the life of the data.

Key Features

  • Small Form Factor Design: Minimize in-vehicle storage space; make room for controls, computer and other electronic equipment.

  • Removable Magazine: Swap magazines for unlimited capacity during long test cycles and fast offload at garage station.

  • Ruggedized design: Our magazine and chassis are designed to withstand the rigors of in-vehicle conditions.

  • Flexible Drive Options: Choose SSD or HDD, 2.5” or 3.5” to align performance, capacity and cost to specific testing requirements.

  • RAID Support: Ensures high performance and reliability, including RAID 5 or 6 for added protection.

  • Magazine Carrier: Optional ruggedized case provides protection and security for drive magazines during storage and transport.

  • Automated Ingest: Quantum leverages StorNext® features like FlexSync™ to simplify and automate the data ingest process when storage magazines are inserted into a data ingest station that is connected to an Xcellis® appliance.

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