Return Instructions for DOA Drives

Please follow the instructions described below to properly return your DOA drive in the United States and Americas regions. All returns require a Return Authorization (RA) number.

Ensuring customer confidentiality is a priority to Quantum. If customer media is under warranty per Quantum’s limited lifetime warranty for Quantum brand cartridges, the cartridge(s) must be returned to Quantum in order to exercise a remedy. Media cartridges that are handled by Quantum are sanitized using processes that are compliant with NIST Special Publication 800-88, Guidelines for Media Sanitization. With these steps Quantum eliminates possibility of any unauthorized party retrieving previously recorded data.

Drives and Drive Enclosures

If the Product is in a Quantum enclosure ...

Verify there is a label with the Quantum logo affixed to the bottom of the drive enclosure. If a Quantum label exists, please return the product IN the enclosure.

Remove and keep in your possession all cables, terminators, mounting brackets, etc. If these items are returned they will be discarded and not returned.

If the Product is NOT in a Quantum enclosure ...

Remove the product from the enclosure. Ship the drive ONLY to Quantum for repair; do NOT ship the enclosure with the drive.

Do NOT return any products in (or with) a non-Quantum enclosure. All non-Quantum enclosures, plus any drives that may be in the enclosure, will be returned without repair processing.

Note: If the product received is missing components such as a bezel or an enclosure (if the drive was originally sold within a Quantum enclosure), the drive will be returned without repair processing.

How To Package the Product

Use the same packaging materials from the received drive (foam, box, anti-static bag, etc....) to ship the DOA drive back to Quantum Corporation.

Ship-To Address Location

Send the drive to the corresponding address. Use a prepaid shipping label for the defective drive to come back to Quantum, do NOT use US Mail. Ensure the RA number is included in the address and clearly visible on the box.

VS80, VS160, SDLT320 and SDLT600 Tape Drives

Quantum Corporation
c/o DOA Returns
Attn: RA # xxxxxx
10125 Federal Dr
Colorado Springs, CO 80908

Note: The defective drive must be received within 14 calendar days from the date the Return Authorization (RA) was issued.