Global Services Escalation Policy and Severity Level Definition

Our Service Plans are designed to keep your data safe, protecting it even before issues arise. With growing volumes of information, increased security restrictions, and the huge impact that inaccessible or lost data can have on your resources, it’s important to have a comprehensive solution in place to manage it all.

Quantum offers plans designed to fit your unique needs in over 180 countries, 24/7 online and multilingual phone support, and proactive monitoring through Global Support Services. You’ll also get access to online self-service, which allows you to log and track your service calls in real-time.

How to request an Escalation of your current issue?

Review the details of your service request to verify the following facts:

Once you have completed this review, contact the assigned technician for your support request, or call Quantum Technical Support and ask the on-duty Escalation Manager to trigger an escalation.

What happens once I request an escalation?

Once an escalation request has been made, an escalation manager will be notified and will evaluate the situation and determine the appropriate resources to assign and/or process corrections to make. At that time the customer will be updated with the revised action plan.

Escalation Policy and Timeline

In the event of a Severity 1 Critical issue being reported, there is an independent escalation process that takes place to ensure the right level of management awareness and technical resources are applied to the issue, if not already engaged.

Following is the escalation process for customers with at least a 24x7 Gold contract with a Severity 1 Critical issues and Customer Requested Escalations:


2 Hours

If Problem not resolved, then Escalation Manger reviews case with Tech Support engineer, Tech Support Manager and Service Director. Escalation Manager contacts customer to discuss progress. Automatic email sent to Technical Support Management to ensure visibility.

4 Hours

If Problem not resolved, then Regional Service Director notifies Account Manager of issue. Issue is then escalated within Tech Support to Technical Escalation layer (2nd line). Automatic email sent to Technical Support Management to ensure visibility.

8 Hours

If Problem not resolved, then Regular communication plan agreed upon with customer. Service Director escalates to Geo Customer Service leadership. Tech Support Management escalates to Geo Support leadership. Quantum resources added to resolve issue.

24 Hours

If Problem not resolved, then resolution plan agreed upon and communicated to all parties. Quantum resources added to resolve issue. Regular communication continued until issue is resolved. Global service leadership advised of situation and plan.

How often can I expect updates on an escalation?

As the escalation is initiated, the assigned technical support engineer will work with you to determine a communication plan that fits your needs. Agreements will be made on communication mode (email, phone call, or conference call), frequency, and required attendees for all updates. If required, the Customer Service Director or other Service leaders will attend any scheduled conference calls to ensure satisfaction with the current progress.

How do I close an escalated service request?

Once the support request is back on track and making acceptable progress toward resolution, it can be de-escalated. Before the escalated service request is closed, the Escalation Manager, if assigned, or the Support Engineer will complete the following tasks:

  • Confirm that the action plan is acceptable
  • Ensure that the troubleshooting or root cause analysis process is on track
  • Document in the support request your agreement to de-escalate the service request
  • The agreed to communication plan is adjusted as appropriate

Quantum Severity Level Descriptions


Phone Contact


or +1-720-249-5700


or +49 6131 324 185


or +603-7953-3010

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