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Take Your Content in Bold New Directions...

Get the latest information about Quantum’s technologies and solutions in one place - and in an all-new format. Learn exactly what you need to know in several 10-minute-or-less briefings that will help transform how you create, manage, and deliver your best work.


Your Difference is in Your Data – Kickoff by Jamie Lerner

Quantum news and key updates, including the top-line news about Quantum, StorNext® and CatDV platforms with ActiveScale™.

Speed Session 1: Collaboration Evolved - StorNext 7 Platform Updates and Review

Get the newest updates on StorNext development, the new architecture and features, and a new way to own and use with no more client licenses, including a platform review of all appliances and where they are best applied in your workflow.

Speed Session 2: First Look: StorNext in AWS Beta

The new StorNext architecture is easily deployed in the cloud. This session will cover StorNext in the Cloud deployment scenarios and how you can evaluate a StorNext deployment entirely on AWS infrastructure.

Speed Session 3: Quantum CatDV Solutions for Large Creative Teams

Learn about large-scale deployments for Quantum CatDV and Adobe Creative Cloud workflows, including installation, configuration for every creative user both on-site and working remotely, and content archive choices.

Speed Session 4: Quantum CatDV Platform Update

Learn about the key new features of the newest version of Quantum CatDV, including exciting new deployment and archiving features.

Speed Session 5: Web-Scale Content Archiving with CatDV and ActiveScale

Learn how the performance and economics of web-scale content organization, delivery, and ‘hot’ archiving are changing the content game for good, giving you powerful new options to empower your content solutions worldwide.

Speed Session 6: Bottleneck Blasting with NVMe

NVMe not only powers StorNext 7 to new heights of streaming video performance and efficiency – but also dramatically boosts workflow performance. Learn about the new cutting-edge workflows possible with the revolutionary power and speed of StorNext and NVMe.

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