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November 11-15, 2018


Today’s scientists, engineers and analysts are building tomorrow’s future. Across all disciplines, more research is dependent on the ability to collect more data and to derive insight from this data. The technology foundation supporting the preservation of these important assets, as well as providing reliable, high-speed access to them, is critical.

Storage systems in scientific research are commonly juggling multiple petabytes of data and are growing rapidly. This therefore means that these systems need to be not just cost-effective, but also easy to scale and easy to manage.

With multi-tier storage based on Quantum StorNext, research organizations can leverage a multitude of technical capabilities to do just that. Ultimately this means teams can better harness their data and transform the world. That’s the power of insight.

What You’ll See in Our Booth

In short, it’s the place to see the very latest StorNext innovations, all designed to help you gain workflow efficiency, save money and grow your business in the evolving media landscape.

Demo highlights include:



Managing Petascale Data Growth

Data growth is a fact of life, especially with scientific research: more sensors, more software, more files and bigger files. Today’s research teams need multi-tier storage solutions that scale...affordably.


Enabling Collaborative Research

Research doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Whether your team has tens, hundreds, or thousands of users who need shared access to data, StorNext enables high-speed file sharing via both SAN and LAN, as well as cloud.


Speeding Up Ingest and Analysis

Scientific workflows require speed—both speed for ingest and speed that supports complex analysis and HPC. The right kind of high-performance storage is needed to power today’s research workflows and derive insights from scientific data.

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Keeping Data for Decades

With research projects often extending decades or more, scientists need access to data for long periods of time. Multi-tier storage lets research institutions archive data with cost-effective tiering on flash, disk, object storage, tape and even cloud.

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Additional Resources

Evolving Considerations for Data Storage in Life Sciences

Evolving Considerations for Data Storage in Life Sciences

Now, many organizations need to bolster their storage environment. They need solutions that allow them to ingest a large amount of raw data from instruments, present data for analyses, preserve all data for the long term and ensure that data remains readily accessible by collaborative research teams. These IT solutions should not be overly complicated to manage: scientists should remain focused on their scientific research, not IT.


Emerging high-value workflows require a new kind of NAS

Emerging High-value Workflows Require a New Kind of NAS

The rapid growth of unstructured data is being fed by new types of information from new places, leading to the emergence of new workflows. These new high-value workflows are shaping the ability of organizations to deliver better products, support critical missions and boost their bottom line.


Avoiding The Storage Silo Trap: Best Practices For Data Storage In Scientific Research

Avoiding The Storage Silo Trap: Best Practices For Data Storage In Scientific Research

From mismatches between compute and storage capabilities to colossal data volumes, data storage presents a number of challenges for scientific research. And as silos pop up and challenges expand, the pace of research often suffers. To avoid the data silo trap, we’re reviewing the gamut of best practices to breakdown bottlenecks and enable scientific breakthroughs.



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