TV Gazeta Leverages Digital Workflow And Archiving To Support New HD Production

The TV Gazeta staff realized as early as 2009 that it would be critically important to upgrade the entire system as they converted from videotape to file-based production, because the new workflow would affect everything from the way that assets were managed and secured to the entire IT infrastructure, including ingest systems, servers, networks, and storage. So, the team worked closely with an experienced media integrator—AD Digital—as it planned and implemented the upgrade.

“Our challenges started when we went digital,” explains Luciano Faco, TV Gazeta’s Manager of Business Systems, “and we looked for something that could support the station’s new technology. Our focus is on scalable and flexible solutions that can integrate the various environments of content production. Our partnership with AD Digital and with Quantum was fundamental in giving us quality products that satisfy our needs.”

Shared Access to Common Storage is Key to Streamlined Workflow

The system that TV Gazeta implemented uses Quantum’s StorNext intelligent workflow platform to deliver a powerful storage environment on the station’s SAN. In the new workflow, all the content is initially ingested into the SAN seamlessly using StorNext, providing the entire production staff and their different applications complete access to the same assets. The new system enables high-speed collaboration through a shared work-in-process area where all content resides. This eliminates the need to produce and store multiple copies of the same file, thus reducing storage space, simplifying production workflows, and speeding up project completion.

Archive Provides Transparent Access to Files on Tape

When files are no longer being actively worked on, they are moved to the Quantum Archive-Enabled Library automatically by StorNext Storage Manager, where they are safely stored on LTO tape. StorNext Storage Manager allows users to view all of the content—both the content and asset kept on work in process disk and the files stored in the archive. This seamless, automated movement between disk and tape locations gives users transparent access to all of the assets. Data in both locations is directly under the control of TV Gazeta’s media asset manager and workflow software, Primestream FORK, providing a streamlined, fast production system.

Accelerated Workflow Increases Productivity

“We save time," Faco explains. "We can create more product than before, and StorNext stabilizes the system so that everything works behind the scenes and there are no problems.”

The next stage of the roll-out will be to integrate the shared storage environment with web access that will allow production teams in remote locations to directly access the resources stored in the central location.

“Quantum is one of AD Digital’s most strategic partners,” explains Sonia Poloni, Communications and Marketing Director at AD Digital, “with value that stems from being a strong, integrated company with a real commitment to relationships.”