TV Cultura Makes Decades Of Broadcast Content Available For Reuse With Quantum Solutions

With a 45-year history in the broadcast industry, São Paulo-based TV Cultura has one of the largest and most diverse catalogs of local and international content in South America, focusing on a wide range of cultural, educational, entertainment, and sports-oriented programming. But the station’s old system of storing this broadcast legacy made it difficult and time-consuming to use the existing material for rebroadcast or new programming.

“It could take days to retrieve a video from storage to upload so the studio could edit, post, or share,” explains Rodrigo Galafati, TV Cultura Project Coordinator.

As a result, the team, with the help of integrator AD Digital, decided to create a fully file-based workflow that includes a scalable, near-line archive to store existing material but make it fast and easy for the production team to access and use it.

StorNext Streamlines Workflow and Accelerates Editing

The new system that TV Cultura implemented is based on Quantum’s StorNext file system and content management technology.

The high-performance StorNext file system and disk storage allows the entire production team to share files at Fibre Channel speeds.

StorNext Storage Manager moves content not being directly worked on, including the digitized library of legacy material, to the StorNext AEL6000 Archive-Enabled Library, where the files are stored on LTO tape media for archive and later reuse.

A common interface allows the editors to see all of the content on disk and in the archive directly, and provides direct access so that even archived content is available in minutes instead of days.

In addition, a key feature of the StorNext system is easy and direct integration with the station's suite of Grass Valley tools, providing continuity for the production teams. Finally, StorNext’s features for protecting assets and finished content without using backup software, including options for creating multiple copies of files automatically and keeping them in different locations, has also been important as a means of preserving the TV Cultura legacy.

A System that Can Grow with TV Cultura’s Data

Because content will grow over time, and newer high-definition formats mean that content will take up much more digital space in the future, TV Cultura appreciates the scalability Quantum provides.

“Quantum already has products and services like StorNext, Lattus Object Storage, and Q-Cloud Archive that can help TV Cultura prepare for the future,” explains Gilvani Moletta, TV Cultura Technical Director. “When we were presented with Quantum’s storage solution, we were certain that it would meet our long-term needs.”