NMS Group Protects Oncology Drug Development Data with Quantum Storage

Driven to move oncology forward, NMS Group is dedicated to producing personalized cancer therapies. To support the company’s mission, the NMS Group’s IT team must back up and protect the large volumes of confidential data generated through drug research, development, clinical testing, and manufacturing. The IT team must safeguard data over the long term while also ensuring data is rapidly recoverable in the event of a disaster or ransomware attack.

Recently the team decided to refresh its aging backup infrastructure. The new solution had to streamline management. And importantly, the new solution had to be comprehensive, enabling the company to back up data from its file server and data store.

Refreshing the Backup Environment with Quantum
After considering a full range of solutions with the help of NETECH, an Italian-based system integrator, the NMS IT team selected the Quantum DXi-Series backup appliance. The team implemented two DXi systems, which are configured as virtual tape libraries (VTLs). An onsite appliance replicates data to a second appliance installed at a remote data center. Quantum appliances with Veeam Backup & Replication software—the industry-leading backup, recovery, and data solution for on-premises and cloud workloads.

“The Quantum DXi-Series backup appliance provides exceptional reliability combined with a good price/performance ratio,” says Tiziano Andreoli, CIO of NMS Group. “It is also much easier to use than competing products. It satisfies all our requirements.”

Streamlining Management
Using the disk-based DXi appliance instead of the legacy tape system has helped reduce management burdens. “We no longer have to manually change tapes,” says Andreoli. The team has also avoided the need to manage multiple backup solutions. “We’ve gained a comprehensive solution that allows us to back up virtual machines, NFS shares, and physical systems—all through a single backup environment,” says Andreoli.

Strengthening Data Protection and Business Continuity
Meanwhile, the Quantum solution has helped strengthen data protection and disaster recovery. If a power outage, severe weather event, or cyberattack impacts the primary data center, the organization has a complete, secure backup of its mission-critical data. “Today we can better guarantee business continuity for the entire organization,” says Andreoli. “By working with Quantum, we can continue to focus on driving oncology forward.”