Lennar Implements End-to-End Quantum Solutions for Corporate Video Production

As a leading U.S. home builder, Lennar Corporation produces videos to promote the company’s work and train employees. The marketing team needs storage that can provide the performance, reliability, and integrated asset management required for delivering engaging videos efficiently.

Lennar has been building quality homes since the 1950s. Today, the company is focused on simplifying the entire home-buying experience. Lennar helps customers sell their current homes, pre-qualify for mortgages, and navigate the closing process for new properties.

Video plays a key role in helping the company reach potential customers, communicate with investors, and train a distributed workforce. The company captures footage in a variety of locations across the country but edits and produces videos from the company’s headquarters in Miami. “We need a central repository for storing and editing all the video data we are collecting,” says Allan Carnevale, marketing manager and audio engineer at Lennar.

Centralizing Storage with Quantum
Lennar has used Quantum storage solutions for more than a decade to provide a robust, reliable, and centralized storage environment for video production. “Quantum is the center of our workflow,” says Carnevale. “Everything we film eventually ends up in the Quantum environment.”

Lennar’s system integrator, LH Computer Services, was instrumental in selecting Quantum and has helped Lennar augment the StorNext environment over time. “Quantum offers a one-stop shopping approach to managing media workflows,” says Doug Cole, owner of LH Computer Services.

Boosting Storage Performance with Quantum H-Series
Years ago, Lennar implemented Quantum Xcellis® workflow storage, powered by StorNext. Recently, the company worked with LH Computer Services to install a Quantum H4000 Series high-performance hybrid storage appliance. H-Series storage combines high performance and low latency with flexible network connectivity. “Our storage solution needs to be fast,” says Carnevale. “When I’m editing, I need to pull content from the server as quickly as possible so I can complete edits rapidly.”

Accelerating Content Searches with CatDV Asset Management
Lennar also incorporated CatDV Asset Management from Quantum to simplify the process of finding older content in the repository. “Sometimes you need to find a specific shot that was filmed several years ago,” says Carnevale. “With CatDV, our editors can easily search for shots from directly within Adobe Premiere Pro.”

The asset management solution helps dramatically reduce production time. Because editors can find the clips they need fast, they can deliver videos rapidly. The addition of CatDV helped complete the end-to-end Quantum solution. The Lennar team archives to Quantum’s Scalar tape system through CatDV. “Lennar truly has a single video production workflow, from ingest to archive, all managed by Quantum,” says Cole.

Preparing for Continued Multimedia Growth
As Lennar continues to grow, the marketing team will likely see increased demand for multimedia content. With the Quantum solution in place, the team has the storage resources to meet that demand, delivering high-quality video quickly and efficiently. “Quantum provides not only the right tools but also the right people to address your needs,” says Carnevale. “This is a solution for everyday use and long-term growth.”