Enteractive Scales Storage, Accelerates Workflows with an End-to-End Quantum Solution

Enteractive plays a vital role in enabling film licensors to deliver high-quality content across a wide variety of entertainment platforms. The company provides premastering services, localizes content, offers managed video-on-demand (VoD) services, handles all digital distribution needs, develops apps for Smart TVs, and more.

Several years ago, the Enteractive team began searching for a way to streamline its archiving workflow through automation. Automating processes was also critical for the development of Enteractive’s content management system, called Todos. “With Todos, our goal was to enable clients to manage numerous media production tasks through a single tool,” says Michael Buske, senior head of production and product management at Enteractive. “We knew automation would be central to that platform.”

Automating Backup and Archiving
The Enteractive team took a key step toward eliminating manual tasks by replacing its existing tape system with a Quantum Scalar tape library for backup and archiving. “By implementing a Quantum tape library, we could use the robots to change tapes automatically,” says Buske. “That automation was essential for launching our Todos content management system.”

Facing Growing Content Volumes
The Quantum tape library addressed a critical need. But over time, the Enteractive team faced a new challenge: The company had to accommodate fast-rising data volumes as streaming platforms required higher-resolution formats and codecs that produced higher-quality files. Enteractive decided to refresh its storage infrastructure to support these evolving requirements. “We reached a point where our infrastructure was no longer capable of handling all of our projects and data,” says Buske.

Building an End-to-End Environment with Quantum
To address scalability challenges and enhance storage efficiency, the Enteractive team once again chose to implement a Quantum solution. With help from Quantum partner Videocation Creative Tools (VCT), the team designed an end-to-end storage environment powered by Quantum StorNext. “With an end-to-end Quantum solution, we can speed up all our production processes,” says Buske. “The faster we can complete projects, the better we can serve clients and the more revenue we can generate for the company.”

Saving Weeks of Time with Quantum
The new solution eliminates time-consuming manual data management tasks. “Previously, copying data from one system to the other took hours,” says Buske. “The Quantum solution helps us significantly reduce the time to move content. We’re saving weeks of time across the whole company. We can push content live much faster.”

Optimizing Storage Efficiency with StorNext Automated Tiering
With StorNext, the Enteractive team can make the most of each storage tier. Automated tiering helps ensure that the highest-performance systems are used only when needed. “When we want to keep only the high-priority content on the SSD system, the system automatically moves infrequently used content to systems that consume less power,” says Buske.

Looking Toward the Cloud with Quantum
For its next infrastructure project, the Enteractive team is considering ways to better integrate with cloud services. “Some clients are interested in using the cloud for additional storage,” says Buske. “With Quantum, we have the flexibility to expand our environment into the cloud. We can continue to support our clients for their vital content needs.”