2G Digital Accelerates High-Profile Post-Production Workflows with Quantum StorNext

Located in the heart of Burbank, California, 2G Digital provides post-production services to some of the most familiar brands in the media and entertainment industry—from Apple, ESPN, and DIRECTV to Netflix, Sony Pictures, and Disney. Whether the facility is providing post finishing work, 4K re-mastering, localization, or video streaming, 2G Digital team members know they must deliver high-quality results within tight timelines.

To meet rigorous demands and keep up with client expectations, 2G Digital needs robust data storage. Low-latency performance is critical for working with 4K ultra-high-definition (UHD) and high-dynamic-range (HDR) workflows. Reliability is also essential. “We’re a 24/7 facility,” says Fernando Vazquez, vice president of engineering and technology at 2G Digital. “We need to be sure our storage environment will be working around the clock.”

Choosing a Long-Term Solution with Quantum StorNext
When Vazquez joined 2G Digital more than a decade ago, he steered the management team toward the Quantum StorNext platform for storage. Applied Data Systems helped 2G Digital design and implement a Quantum solution. That core solution continued to serve 2G Digital for 10 years.

Recently, the 2G Digital team expanded the Quantum footprint. The facility now has H-Series high-performance hybrid storage, an Xcellis Workflow Director, and QXS disk storage—all powered by the StorNext 7 file system.

Delivering Low-Latency Performance for Demanding Workflows
The StorNext file system and H4000 Series deliver rapid access to files and content, which helps maximize productivity for 2G Digital team members. “The Quantum StorNext platform delivers near zero latency,” says Vazquez. “When I hit play, the video plays instantly, regardless of the format type.” Fast, low-latency storage performance helps 2G Digital meet tight deadlines.

The platform delivers that responsive user experience even as team members work with large, high-resolution files. “Several years ago, we had a large customer that needed to work in 4K with uncompressed files,” says Vazquez. “We brought them into an editing bay and showed them how we could work without latency using Quantum StorNext. They were amazed we could provide such a responsive experience using a shared SAN.”

Enabling Collaboration with a Shared Storage Platform
The StorNext platform provides a shared environment that makes content available to multiple team members simultaneously while ensuring tight security. The storage environment remains highly available even when demand is high. “We might have 50 or 60 people working at once—many of them using the same Quantum shared storage environment,” says Vazquez. “Even when people are downloading multiple files or working on 4K, the Quantum solution keeps working and our teams stay productive.”

Bolstering Reliability and Minimizing Maintenance
With the StorNext solution, Vazquez can rest assured that teams can reliably access files around the clock. Strong reliability coupled with responsive support from Quantum and Applied Data Systems mean that 2G Digital can reduce maintenance expenses and avoid lengthy troubleshooting. “We can use our time and resources for starting new projects and onboarding new clients—instead of fixing problems and calling help desks,” says Vazquez.

Empowering Remote Workers and Supporting Growth
Soon after the pandemic forced many organizations to close their offices, 2G Digital invested in remote-work technologies that could enable team members to work outside of the facility. Even after it was safe to have employees return, 2G Digital continued to support remote work. “We have been able to support all that remote work in part because the Quantum platform is so flexible and reliable,” says Vazquez.

The remote work capabilities helped 2G Digital sustain its business during challenging times. While work might have slowed for other facilities, 2G Digital took on more projects and hired more people. “We grew by three times during that period,” says Vazquez.

Looking Ahead with Quantum
After a decade of experience with Quantum, 2G Digital team members are confident that they have the right platform to support continued growth. “We don’t see an end to the growth—we’re taking on project after project,” says Vazquez. “But with Quantum, we’re ready to keep going.”