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What is CatDV?

CatDV, an agile workflow automation platform, is the perfect asset management companion to your Quantum product. It helps organizations with large volumes of video, image files, audio, and metadata to organize, communicate, and collaborate more effectively.

For Quantum StorNext and ActiveScale customers, CatDV can index, catalog, and enrich these files using AI, so your teams can spend less time searching for files and more time creating.


CatDV Provides a Window into Your Archive

If you are managing a large content archive, CatDV makes it easy to browse that content and find it quickly. It provides a single ‘pane-of-glass’ into your archive, so that your teams can find files more quickly. And by leveraging AI tools like speech-to-text, celebrity facial recognition, and image analysis, CatDV can help you populate your content archive with metadata tags to make your content even smarter and more valuable.

Benefits of Using CatDV with Quantum File or Object Storage:

  • Easily browse and search large file or object repositories.
  • Find files more quickly, so your teams can spend more time creating.
  • Leverage AI to index and unlock the value in your content archive.

Make Complex Tiered Storage Simple

CatDV acts as a window into your tiered-storage environment, allowing your teams to visually design and orchestrate workflows between work-in-process and archive storage, whether on-premise or in the cloud.

Design and Orchestrate Workflows to Make Complex Tiered Storage Simple

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