Training Services

With Quantum as your knowledge partner, you can quickly build familiarity with your solutions, develop your skills, and maximize your return on investment.

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Audience-Focused Training Available as Online or Instructor-Led

Get the most out of your Quantum solutions by taking advantage of the training resources. Choose your delivery method, from online, self-paced courses to instructor-led sessions. Topics range from learning how to get your system up and running, to managing and monitoring your product.

As you learn more about your product, you will also learn how to most efficiently get your questions answered by using both the training and the documentation centers that serve as your one-stop shop for documentation, training, and video content.


Training Benefits


Reduce the Time it Takes to Find the Information You Need

With our free online, self-paced courses, you can access the training 24/7 and from any location without needing an account or login.


Improve How Quickly You Understand How to Use Your Product

With our fee-based instructor-led training, Quantum experts will guide you through training on topics such as getting to know your product and how to perform key tasks. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss any product questions. In addition, you can register for classes that provide the opportunity for hands-on practice. 

Free Online Customer Training

Below is a sampling of the free online, self-paced courses:

StorNext 6
Xcellis Workflow Director Gen 2
Xcellis Workflow Extender Gen 2
QXS G2 (12G)
Scalar i3
Scalar i6

With these online, self-paced courses, you can access the training 24/7, from any location and without the need for an account.

Quick Access

The documentation portal is your one-stop shop for Quantum product documentation, free online courses, videos, and more.

For a full product listing:

1. Visit the documentation portal.
2. Select your product.
3. Then select Learn from the top menu.

Are you a customer who’s paid for training and is looking for a class schedule?
Visit the Instructor-led Training Schedule.