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The Scalar i3 is a low-cost, secure, and easy-to-use tape library for long-term data archiving and cyber-protection. designed specifically to give mid-sized IT environments the protection provided by tape solutions, while solving the problems associated with cost, scaling, and management.

The Scalar i3 can start as a single 3U system that provides secure, cost-effective backup storage of up to 1,125* TB and can scale in 25-slot increments as data volumes increase—all the way up to 18* PB in only 24U.

The following bundles are available, only in US and Canada, through your local Quantum Authorized reseller or by clicking the Buy Now button below.

Resellers can find complete program details and the components for each bundle in the Quantum Scalar i3 SMB Quick Buy Bundle Marketing Announcement [MA02588] available on the Quantum Alliance portal OR by contacting their authorized Quantum Distributor.
* The Suggested End-User Buy Price is the advertised and recommended end-user sales price by the reseller to the end user. Resellers are responsible for determining their own sale prices to end users.

Additional add-on items for purchase include:

  • Scalar i3 Advanced Reporting
  • Scalar i3 and i6 Ransom Block
  • Scalar i3 Active Vault

Products with similar or same configurations ordered before or after do not qualify. Bundles cannot be altered.

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