Data Is Snowballing Exponentially

IT Budgets Are Not

Data is accumulating and managing infrequently accessed data sets isn’t cheap. Extract value from your data wherever it lives with a secure, durable and cost-effective storage solution.

Don’t Melt Your IT Budget

Emerging applications produce and consume massive amounts of data, but paying a premium for fast access can snowball into a big budgetary concern. Achieve cloud storage economics and increase agility with the same architecture as industry-leading hyperscalers.

Don’t Choose Between Accessibility and Affordability

ActiveScale™ consolidates NVMe, hard drives, and tape resources so you can build your own cloud storage environment, accommodate billions of objects, and economically grow from petabytes to exabytes of data.

Don’t Get Snowed Under By Data

Preserve its future value with secure, durable, extremely low-cost storage. Let’s talk about how ActiveScale™ object storage can reduce the cost of your inactive data by 80%.

As an added bonus there’s a free gift in it for you!


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