US Government Compliance

Section 508 Compliance

Quantum fully supports Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the efforts of the federal government in making technology accessible to people with disabilities. Quantum is committed to assisting its government customers in co mplying with Section 508 requirements. Voluntary Product Accessibility Templates ("VPATs") for Quantum products are available upon request to

Buy American Act Compliance

Quantum fully complies with the regulatory framework of the Buy American Act and supports the directive to encourage purchases of American-made goods by the federal government. Qualification of Quantum products relative to BAA generally falls under the BAA “Waiver for Commercial IT Products”. Information about a product’s BAA status is available in a form template upon request to

Trade Agreements Act Compliance

The Trade Agreements Act functions as an exception to the Buy American Act by providing that the US Government may acquire only certain US-made or designated country end products and prohibits acquisition of end products from other, non-designated countries. As a supplier to GSA contract holders, Quantum ensures that its products are fully compliant with this act, and emphasizes the rule-of-origin requirement in determining the products status under TAA. If applicable, a certification letter is available upon request to

Criminal Justice Information Services Security Policy Compliance

The CJIS Security Policy (“Policy”) provides a minimum set of security requirements for access to FBI systems and information, and to protect and safeguard Criminal Justice Information (CJI). Quantum products employ and utilize a number of technical, administrative, media protection, individual access, and other security controls which enable agencies subject to the Policy to build storage infrastructures containing the system safeguards to remain compliant with Policy guidelines and restrictions. More information about Quantum’s CJIS capabilities is available upon request to