Return Instructions for Tape Media

Please follow the instructions described below to properly return your media in the United States, Canada and Americas regions. All returns require a Return Authorization (RA) number.

Ensuring customer confidentiality is a priority to Quantum. If customer media is under warranty per Quantum’s limited lifetime warranty for Quantum brand cartridges, the cartridge(s) must be returned to Quantum in order to exercise a remedy. Media cartridges that are handled by Quantum are sanitized using processes that are compliant with NIST Special Publication 800-88, Guidelines for Media Sanitization. With these steps Quantum eliminates possibility of any unauthorized party retrieving previously recorded data.

Tape Returns

For USA and Canada:

Submit an online request 

Note: Any media returned without a Quantum logo will be returned without processing.

How To Package the Product

Please read Quantum Media Packaging Instructions for recommended media packaging/shipment procedures.

Note: The Quantum Media Packaging Instructions assumes you do not have the original packaging the cartridges were shipped in. If the original packaging is going to be used, ensure any empty space created by removed cartridges is filled with bubble wrap to prevent the shipped cartridges from shifting around inside the box.
Caution: Do not use peanut or popcorn packaging material. Granulated packing material may cause damage and allow shifting inside the package. Your warranty will be voided if not packed according to these instructions.

Ship-To Address Locations

Send the Media to the address below. Use a traceable carrier (FedEx, UPS etc.), do NOT use US Mail. Ensure the RA number is included in the address and clearly visible on the box.

Media Returns & Solid State Drives

Quantum will contact you with your RA for the return of your Media return, please use the RA# and return address provided on the approval notification to return the product as per Quantum Media Packaging Instructions.