Download the DXi V5000 Community Edition for Free!

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Backup storage with advanced deduplication – free forever up to 5 TB of capacity

Works with all leading backup applications

Downloads in minutes, easy to use

Protect against data loss, cyber-threats, and local disaster with enterprise-class features

The Quantum DXi® V5000 Community Edition is a virtual backup appliance that can be downloaded in minutes, works with all leading backup applications, and uses deduplication to reduce backup disk storage by up to 95%. It scales up to 5 TB of capacity before deduplication, so you can store up to 100 TB of backup data (with 20:1 deduplication). Best of all – it is FREE TO USE!

At any time, the DXi V5000 Community Edition can be upgraded to a DXi V5000 virtual appliance, which scales up to 256 TB of backup storage.

Download DXi V5000 Community Edition Now

Fill out the form to download the virtual DXi V5000 Community Edition and add it to your own environment to experience the power of DXi.

DXi V5000 Community Edition System Requirements

  • Hypervisor: VMware, KVM, or Hyper-V
  • 100 GB boot disk
  • 100 GB – 5 TB disk for storage (depending upon what capacity you want – upgradable whenever you decide)
  • Memory 4 GB
  • 2 64-bit cores
  • 1 network port