Migrate from Oracle DIVArchive to Quantum StorNext

Roadmap For the Future

Oracle is focused on growing revenue for their proprietary cloud. Unfortunately, this leaves their customers with DIVA, HSM and tape out in the cold. Quantum can help. We have a simple solution that seamlessly connects to existing Oracle archive data, offers connectivity to tape, cloud and object storage and costs 75% less than Oracle.

You Make More Selling Quantum

In addition to helping your customers, Quantum takes care of you. You can DOUBLE your commission when you convert an Oracle or other competitor to Quantum. The Quantum NOW program pays you 6% when you close a deal. That’s $6K for a $100K deal or $60K for a $1M deal, paid directly to you!

So what are you waiting for? Give your customers a roadmap to the future that protects their bottom line, not Oracle’s and make 2x doing it. Contact your Channel Manager today.

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