7 Questions for System Integrators

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7 Questions for System Integrators  
Smart Storage Enables Security Integrators  

How Smart Storage Enables Security Integrators

As end users struggle to keep up with the flood of data resulting from industry trends—increasing retention rates, cameras shifting from analog to HD, rising camera counts—it's more important than ever to have a video storage solution your client can depend on. Only using one type of storage can eat up project budgets, but a multi-tier storage solution provides performance, access, and economy—all in one.

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Store More, Spend Less

Quantum's multi-tier approach delivers a better solution, extending your clients' budget without trade-offs on camera counts, resolutions, or retention times. Allow your customers to spend up to 33% less of their project budget on storage.

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Why Quantum Matters to You

Lower your Clients’ Storage Spend  

Lower Clients' Storage Spend

By adopting a multi-tier storage approach, your clients can automatically migrate video to the most cost-efficient tiers of storage–whether that’s high-performance disk storage, object-based storage, file-based tape or the cloud–minimizing the high price tag that comes with only using one type of storage.

High Performance  

Reliable High Performance

Storage that performs inefficiently prevents companies from capturing usable data. Quantum supports complex video management systems and analytic applications, and ingests video from 4x as many cameras per server to deliver time-to-decision results—allowing proactive protection and crime prevention.

Easy, Immediate Access  

Easy, Immediate Access to Data

Our single file system allows clients to centralize their data, allowing them to locate files in their system with the same ease of finding a document on a C: drive.

Scale with Clients' Storage Needs  

Scale with Clients' Storage Needs

As more cameras are added, image resolutions increase, and retention times become longer, Quantum's multi-tier approach can seamlessly scale to handle the need for more capacity.

Calculate the Storage Capacity & Products Needed To Build a Multi-Tier Storage Solution

What is your camera count?
What is your retention period?
30 years
What is your bitrate?
.1 Mb/s
5 Mb/s
Recommended Storage Capacity
0 GB
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The Cost Shift Model for Video Storage and Data Management

Challenges created by more cameras, higher resolutions, and increasingly complex analytics are creating an influx in data, and managing this infrastructure takes an intelligent, scalable storage platform. Learn how Quantum is taking a different approach to revolutionize storage solutions within the surveillance and security industry.

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Quantum Technology

Fixed Cameras

Quantum has developed six reference architectures for 50, 100, 250, 500, 1,000, and 10,000 fixed camera installations.

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Gateway Systems

Quantum’s gateway architecture works with existing storage environments, allowing for storage extension without having to deal with forklift upgrades.

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Mobile Cameras

Simple to deploy and manage, Quantum’s mobile camera storage architecture offers flexible options for data retention.

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Xcellis Application Director

Built for smaller camera environments. When ready to expand, Xcellis Application Director can seamlessly transition to a multi-tier storage environment.

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