50-100 Camera Architecture

This solution is ideal for camera counts from 50-100 cameras and a short term retention policy. Our disk only solution consists of an Xcellis™ Application Director and QXS™ Storage. This solution scales to take advantage of the full Quantum tiered storage environment for low-cost data retention.

Featured products for this solution:

Xcellis Application Director (Entry-Level Video Server)
Xcellis™ Application Director is a server that can connect to Quantum’s direct-attached storage (QXS™-3, QXS-4, or QXS-6 Series) or seamlessly connect to a StorNext ® client in an Xcellis platform environment. Xcellis Application Director can also allow customers to run video management systems (VMS) and analytics applications directly connected to storage. This means customers will not have to move data across the ingest network, instead operating on data that is in place. This configuration is suitable for smaller environments and is also perfect for larger environments.
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QXS Storage (High-Performance Disk)
Traditionally in surveillance and security systems, storage solutions have had to tradeoff between cost, manageability, reliability, and performance. Acquiring a storage system that had the performance needed was very expensive and often very difficult to manage. With less-expensive storage systems, performance was often inadequate and the reliability questionable. Having a storage system that was high performing, highly reliable, easy to manage, and securely expandable while staying within budget was seen as a pipe dream. That is, until now.
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