Rocket Arkivio Autostor & Quantum Lattus Object Storage

Policy-based Data Tiering for Large-Scale Archives

New data generation tools, analytics, software and data driven business models are fueling explosive growth of unstructured data. Storage technologies have advanced so dramatically, it is critically important to step back and look at the big picture before committing to more investment in primary storage.

It is common for 50% to 70% of users' data to be fixed unstructured data; data that once generated, captured or initially used becomes reference data. This data will not change, but it remains valuable to access for many reasons. Today's best practices must focus on methods to store, protect and access this reference (or archive) data without continuing the unsustainable practice of purchasing primary and backup storage to keep up with the unstructured data growth explosion.

Now you can leverage Rocket Arkivio AutoStor software to assess your data and establish an intelligent data movement from primary storage to Lattus Archive storage.



  • All Data Remains Accessible When Arkivio moves data to archive storage it leaves a stub or link behind so that users access files in the same place they did before the files were moved.
  • Archive Data is Extremely Well Protected Because Lattus employs erasure code technology and complements that with self-healing, self-migrating algorithms, archive data is extremely well protected against component failure. Lattus can also be spread across multiple sites (geo-spread) to further protect data against site disaster.
  • Network Bandwidth is Significantly Reduced By moving and protecting data on Lattus archive storage, that data no longer needs to be part of the regular backup process.
  • Shorter Backup Windows Since archive data is no longer part of the regular backup process, there is significantly less to backup, and therefore takes much less time.
  • Substantial Reduction in Future Storage Investment Less data on primary storage means less capacity needed for both primary and backup storage. Once archive data is intelligently tiered to durable, self-protecting archive storage backup copies of data are not required, and overall storage investment is dramatically reduced over time.

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