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Tiered Storage Solutions Meet Evolving Data Protection and Access Needs

Data has assumed a central role in how companies achieve their core business objectives, creating new demands on IT to save more data and make it available at any point in time. This has led to dramatic shifts in data lifecycles and resulted in unpredictable data workflows.

New solutions are required for storing and retaining data – solutions that are flexible enough to support non-linear workflows yet cost-effective to fit within tight IT budgets.

Aligning Data Value with Storage Costs

Quantum’s tiered architecture and approach is all about aligning data value to storage costs to help you meet your business needs. By applying the right technology at the right point of time in the workflow, we enable our customers to maximize the value of their data while minimizing total cost of ownership. Our tiered storage solutions allow you to store more data, retain it for longer periods of time and keep it accessible for your business users.

Flexible Tiered Storage Based on Your Business Objectives

Not all tiered storage is created equal. Quantum provides flexible storage solutions for data backup and archiving, built around your data workflows and your business requirements. These solutions incorporate a customized mix of storage technologies including deduplication-optimized RAID, next-gen object storage, public and private cloud deployments, and tape technologies including LTFS. Quantum’s solutions:

  • Plug into your existing infrastructure
  • Serve multiple workloads
  • Are scalable from less than 1TB to hundreds of PBs
  • Protect data across sites
  • Protect data across physical, virtual, and cloud environments
  • Reduce storage requirements and bandwidth usage by leveraging deduplication and other data reduction technologies

Put Our Expertise to Work for You

When it comes to data protection and archiving, one size does not fit all. We will work with you to understand your environment, workflow and business objectives to create a customized solution for you. With over 100,000 customer deployments and 30 years of experience, Quantum provides industry-leading technologies as well as specialized knowledge and expertise. We are the market share leader in tape automation, our patented deduplication appliances continue to outperform the competition, and our StorNext software and appliances are at the cornerstone of some of the most demanding tiered storage installations in the world.

Contact Quantum today to see how our tiered storage solutions can help your organization build a 21st-century data protection strategy.

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