Small and Medium Business Solutions 

Right-Size Your Backup

Small and medium-sized businesses have unique requirements for data protection. It's important to find a solution that fits.

A Variety of Solutions

Quantum has a variety of solutions for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) that are quick to install, easy to operate and automate most of the backup chores.

Disk or Tape?

Whether you are looking for a disk or tape solution – or maybe you aren't sure which is best for you – Quantum is here to help. Each technology has advantages, such as the fast, random access of disk or the low-cost archiving capability of tape. Many companies combine the two, such as having a disk array for backup of recent data and an offline tape drive or library for long-term storage.  

Several Disk Technologies Available

As costs decline along with deduplication technology reducing the capacity of data stored on disk by up to 95%, disk backup is becoming very popular. Quantum provides a number of affordable options ranging from simple, removable hard drives that can be taken off-site for safe storage to turnkey deduplication solutions that auto-discover new and moved virtual machines, simplifying VM data protection and ensuring all data remains protected. Local backups can easily be replicated over a wide-area network as part of a disaster recovery plan, either to a central office location or to the Internet cloud.

Grows With Your Company

Quantum offers scalable solutions to meet every need. Including forward compatible RDX removable disk products, expandable SuperLoader 3 autoloaders and Capacity-on-Demand DXi disk appliances and Scalar tape libraries, offering instant scalability by activating a software license key. Plus, intuitive web-based management consoles keep you informed of current status so you're never guessing whether your data is protected.

One Guiding Principle

Whatever your choice for data protection, there is one vital principle to follow: Have a backup plan and stick to it. Case studies have shown that up to 90% of SMBs that suffer a major loss of data and have not adequately backed it up will go out of business. Don't be one of them!


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