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As more companies turn to service providers for superior data management and protection services, more service providers rely on Quantum's expertise to win more clients, expand their business and improve their bottom line.

Innovate. Differentiate. Simplify.

Quantum provides the solutions your customers and your team need to continue to grow and differentiate.

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A Fresh Philosophy

Instead of vendor lock-in and proprietary technology, Quantum has a flexible, partner-centric approach. We offer the broadest range of technology options, allowing you to scale your offerings based on customer needs.

From deduplication and object storage to archiving technologies like LTO and LTFS, we can help customize the right technology mix for the right data set and workflow for your customers. Open standards format and capacity-on-demand scalability allow you to optimize existing technology and ease migration and growth pain.

Animated InformationIDC estimates digital data created per year will be 35 zettabytes by 2020. How will you help your customers manage the growth?

Service Providers are Quantum Certain

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See how BlackBridge is saving the world with geospatial archives and data protection services.


Learn how Hipskind saw exponential growth after choosing Quantum.
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over 100,000 companies are quantum certain

Why Quantum?

Expand Your Cloud Portfolio

Capture your share of the growing online backup market with Quantum's easy-to-deploy virtual deduplication technology, pre-packaged collateral that makes it easy to brand and market your services, and unique subscription pricing that minimizes upfront capital risk.

Be Proactive

Reduce downtime and service repair times with proactive health checks that constantly monitor all your Quantum solutions, and automatically migrate potentially compromised data to ensure the long-term viability of your customer's data.

Help Customers Move More Data

Deduplication is no longer just about protecting data, it's also about moving data. Minimize your customers' bandwidth requirements and cloud footprint with Quantum's patented deduplication technology. It's the best approach to replicate TBs of backups in the cloud.

Stay Open

Build customized, flexible solutions for your customers with proven integration with all major applications, open standards supporting VTL, NAS (NFS, CIFS), OST, and HTTP REST, and tiered storage for end-to-end data lifecycle management.

Simplify Management

Manage all your customers across various technologies with a single view console to facilitate SLA management, add value to your customer reporting, even from your smartphone.

Drive More Value

Achieve the fastest ROI, lowest management and lowest TCO in the industry with Quantum technologies and solutions, which deliver higher profit and happier customers.

The deduplication and replication technology from Quantum is helping us to deliver peace of mind for our client's hosted critical applications.
-Leo Dipol, Head of Technology and Standards, Attenda

Quantum Technology

DXi® Deduplication

More efficiently move data in and out of the cloud with Quantum's patented variable-length deduplication, available in either a virtual or physical appliance.

Learn more

LTO and LTFS Archive

As the market share leader in tape automation, Scalar® Intelligent Libraries and Scalar LTFS keep data preserved and accessible, and minimize storage costs.

Learn more

Lattus™ Object Storage

Next-gen object storage is transforming backup and archive. Enabling more cost-effective, accessible archives, object storage can reduce overall storage TCO by over 50%.

Learn more

StorNext® Scale-out Storage and Archive

Transform your clients' data workflow with industry-leading file sharing and policy-based tiering for media & entertainment, life sciences and government.

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